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Chris Recinos is the owner and CEO of the Nurse Leader Network.  As a nurse executive in a busy and very large healthcare network, Chris saw the need to nurture and network with nurses who want to be leaders.  

Chris was able to climb the ladder of success through when opportunities arose because she was willing to be flexible and take on roles that she was willing to grow into.  

Chris served as an acting medical director, CNO and other high ranking positions.  However, Chris also found herself always at work and realized she hadn’t aligned her work with her family values.  She needed to find what she calls “a life-work” balance, where life and family came first.

Chris wanted to help other nurses to assume leadership roles in institutions without having to give up being present with their families.

So she started the Nurse Leader Network, a site, blog and podcast aimed at inspiring nurses to become leaders.  And Chris doesn’t believe a fancy title gives nurses power, she believes that nurses already have the power they need to make a difference.  It’s her mission to show them how to leverage it.

The Nurse Leader Network supports nurses through every stage of their leadership journey while helping them to balance life on their OWN terms.

To learn more about Chris and what she is doing, check out her website at:

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How foster care led Chris to nursing

→ How Chris landed her first leadership role

→ Why Chris believes it’s a “Life-Work” balance we need to maintain

→ What’s next on the agenda for the Nurse Leader Network

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