Nurse Entrepreneurs: 7 Non Clinical Jobs for Nurses
Nurse Entrepreneurs: 7 Non Clinical for Nurses

Nurse Entrepreneurs: 7 Non Clinical Jobs for Nurses

Between juggling patients, doctors, and the stresses of everyday life, as nurses, we find ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally drained! However, it rarely occurs to healthcare professionals that you can have a satisfying and fulfilling job off of the floor. 

Thousands of nurses explore employment options outside the hospital setting, and you can too!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Marcylle Combs (MS, RN, BS, CHCE) on my podcast recently. As a healthcare professional with over 30 years of experience, Marcylle has experienced healthcare in all of its forms including working on the floor and in teaching and admin roles. But of all her roles, she finds being an entrepreneur the most inspiring. 

As the founder of 3 separate agencies since 2018, Marcllye Combs has invested her energies in empowering women and other healthcare professionals to take on leadership roles. Whether that means starting your own agency or finding a different healthcare niche, there are plenty of opportunities for healthcare workers, most of which go unrecognized. 

If Marcylle has taught us anything, it’s that the possibilities are endless! Yet so often we are afraid to leave our comfort zones, and we get stuck working the floor–this isn’t ideal for all nurses! 

In fact, I started NursePreneurs to help nurses (like you) get out of the daily grind to find their place as entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. With a complete blueprint for success, we help you jumpstart your agency, and explore alternative avenues in the healthcare profession.  

Here are the top 7 jobs for nurses who want to work off-the-floor: 

  1. Cannabis Consulting 
  2. IV Hydration 
  3. Legal Nurse Consulting 
  4. Medical Staffing
  5. Medical Content Writing 
  6. Concierge Nursing 
  7. Medical Spa

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