Discover how you can monetize your years of nursing experience into a profitable business.

Unlock your business potential with a powerful action plan designed perfectly for nurses who aren’t sure what an incredible impact their knowledge can have with a simple reframe.

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In order for a business to be successful, it HAS TO BE based on a big idea. Instead of following the crowd with the next hip business trend, I’ve created a course for nurses to understand what they truly bring to the table.

WIth Nurse Business Starter Program, you’ll develop an understanding of how to leverage what you already know without obtaining more degrees, certifications or licenses.

Find your business trifecta quickly and easily by tailoring it to your business archetype.

Stop trying to force a square peg through a round hole. The key is to work within your true passion and skill set.

Jill Weberding NursePreneur Coach

“I tried to start a business for years, but I needed the support and guidance that I got from Catie and especially the NursePreneurs community.  They kept me going long past the point where I would have given up. And my reward – my first big corporate contract!”

~Jill Weberding, RN

It might be time for a business program if…

You have “kind of” attempted to start (and quickly stopped) one or more businesses
You feel like you’ll start a business some day “when you’re ready”
You aren’t sure what you could do in a business
You don’t know how to stand out, besides there are others who are already doing what I was thinking of doing
In other words… you need a little proof that the possibility is real.  Ok, maybe a lot of proof.

Join Catie

To uncover your innate business

mode and tap into your strengths

As a nurse for over 20 years, I lacked the ability to see what was beyond the hospital walls. It was safe there, but it was also draining the life out of me. I need to constantly learn and expand.

Turns out the only “job” that would allow me to evolve was entrepreneurship. In my obsession to understand how I could work on my own terms in my own business, I discovered that my nursing knowledge served me better than my MBA.

An MBA will help you climb the corporate ladder, and I’ve been there too, it’s no better than working in the hospital. But an MBA doesn’t teach you anything about starting a business, such as – having limited resource, a shoestring budget and reaching out to others for help. Sound familiar? It should because that is exactly how you operate everyday in the hospital.

Once I understood my nursing skill set was the biggest predictor of my success (and other NursePreneurs like me), I started NursePreneurs. What started as a $597 program rapidly grew into the $10,000 marketing process I am constantly fully booked for now.

Group Of NursePreneurs


Deep insights into your passion and purpose limits the number of possible business models. This is a good thing and puts you on the right track! No longer are there 5,000 different businesses you could start, now we are left with 2 or 3.

It’s easier to pick among 2 or 3 business models. Of course there is an infinite number of ways you could deliver that business model, but that makes it uniquely yours and also makes your competition irrelevant.

When you build a business based on your strengths and your unique personality, no one can ever copy you or “steal” your business.

When you help others, the impact is profound. That’s why I’m really excited for the opportunity to help you to make your impact on the world. It’s my mission to make nurses successful in business and to change healthcare as we know it today – for the better!

Introducing Nurse Business Starter Program

In-depth insights and actionable steps to make your business perfectly suited to you


With 6 modules to work through, you’ll learn exactly what your business trifecta should be and action steps you can take with confidence. 

You can stop looking at other businesses and thinking they have it easier somehow. 

When you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you can focus on the impact you’ll be making and you will make it look so easy. Not only that, you might even feel bad for making money for doing something you would do for free..

Wanna hear the best part?

Your audience is waiting for you to show up now.

$297 $99

Module 1 The Problem

How To Select A Business
Understanding Your Strengths
Your Dream Income

Module 2 The Audience

Finding The Right Audience
How To Initiate Customer Conversations
A Goldmine Of Problems That Could Be A Business

Module 3 The Competition

Evaluate The Competition
Competitor Analysis Tools
Industry Research

Module 4 The Solution

Package, Price and Position A Solution
Brainstorming Business Solutions
Creating One Big Idea To Crush The Competition

Module 5 The Message

Discover Your Unique Angle
Create Your Elevator Pitch
Validate Your Business Idea

Module 6 The Business

Set Up The Legal Entity
Establish Financial Systems
Create Contracts For Clients

You also get:

  • How To Name Your Business
  • Income Tracking
  • Finance Fridays
  • Budget Worksheets
  • Home Office Deductions
  • Business Recordkeeping
  • Systems Guide
  • and so much more..

I’m not here to tell you what business you should start. I’m here to teach you how to discover it from inside of yourself.

With a clear, intentional path, your business can become a powerful and impactful force in the marketplace and help so many people who would not otherwise have access to you.

The question has never been “what business should I start?” It’s Why?

Everyone needs to be able to answer their *why*. Why are you doing this? There are thousands of businesses out there, but your version doesn’t exist yet. We will help you see that no matter your topic, no matter how competitive your space, there is room for your vision and unique style.

How intensive is this course?

This isn’t a course that was thrown together in a weekend.  We spend many hours in research, compiling experience and best practices in business and marketing to compile 6 modules that take you step by step through a process that will culminate in a final business.

This program will help you to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome, because until you finish these 6 modules, there IS NOTHING to spend your money on.  If you don’t have the answers to the foundations of your business, spending money on marketing, ads, social media or anything else is a waste of time and money


Go at your own pace.

You could finish the modules in a weekend, but you won’t get the results you need that fast.  Some things can’t be rushed.  You might need a couple weeks, months or even years to finally understand what you bring to the table. 

But you need to tools to start that conversation with yourself.  The first 3 modules are a deep dive into you and helping you understand what business you should start.  Once you have that clear in your mind, the final 3 modules can be completed in one day.

Close Up Picture Of Lori Kerley

“I had no idea what type of business to start.  I thought Catie would eventually give up on me, but she pushed me at all the right times.  She designed my website, set up my funnels and just made me believe in myself. Now I have a waiting list of clients.” 

~ Lori Kerley,

What Kind Of Business Can I Start?

If you want to start any business, then you just pick one.

  • Concierge nursing
  • IV Hydration
  • Content writing
  • Cannabis consulting 

If you already *know* what business is right for you, then just head to one of those programs and launch.

But if you are like most nurses and you are exploring options, then the more economical way to dip your toe in the water is with this course.

I don’t want you to jump into our programs that require an intensive time and money investment unless you know it’s what you really want.

By understanding your Business Personality, you’ll gain priceless insights of what type of business would be perfect for you to start.

So you don’t need to know what kind of business you will start, you just need that burning desire to do something else.

Align your purpose with the
income and impact you desire

Nurse Business
Starter Program

Join the Nurse Business Starter Program journey to discover the perfect business for you. Set your own course hours to suit your life



Close Up Shot Of Aimee Walsh

“I was completely lost when I found NursePreneurs.  I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t stay in the hospital.  Catie helped me find my passion in a business and grow into this space.” ~Aimee Walsh, RN

What’s Holding You Back?

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

→ How your nursing knowledge and skill set can be transformed into a business model
→ The strengths and weaknesses of your business personality
→ What types of businesses you should and should NOT start
→ How to find an audience who needs your message
→ How to validate your idea without spending any money
→ Create your business plan and system with our fool proof method
→ Package, position and price your services for your audience
→ Set up your legal entity and become and official business

How It Works

Sign up for the Nurse Business Starter Program and receive instant access to SIX guided videos. 

Move through the course at your pace.  The first 3 modules require some soul searching and understanding yourself.  

Set up the business. The last 3 modules are more task oriented and won’t take long to do at all once you are clear on your business. 

Create your dream business. Leverage your nursing expertise and knowledge to serve the world like you were meant to do as a nurse. 

Let’s Break This Down…

Uncover Your Business Personality

We’ll start with your passion.
What makes you different?
What lights you up?
What skill set do you have?

We’ll assess your values and strengths to understand your personality. Once you know who you are and what you really want, the next step is easier.

Find Your Tribe

You don’t have a business unless you have people who are interested in your message. But how do you find your message or this elusive group of people who would be willing to pay you to hear it?

We’ll show you exactly where they are and how to test various different types of messages to find the one that resonates the strongest.

Nail Your Messaging

Your message will be key and it always depends on who you are talking to. You change the way you speak depending on the receiver at the other end of the message. You talk differently to doctors than patients. It’s the same in business. What we say to your audience depends on their level of market sophistication. That is what we will learn when we investigate the competition and what your audience really wants.

Invest in yourself without the risk.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Invest In Nurse Business Starter Program

→ Unlimited access to the business content. You’ll learn how to leverage your knowledge into a business model

→ Guided video tutorials to understand how to use the materials and find the answers to the questions you keep asking yourself about your potential and the impact you should be making

→ Peace of mind. If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed by everyone making money and living their dream, join the club. Most of that is noise and isn’t helpful to you. The key is to close out the noise and do something you probably haven’t done in a long while – think about yourself and what you really want


For even more business clarity, we are giving you the opportunity to learn from 30 7-Figure Entrepreneurs and NursePreneurs who provide step by step guidance on starting the type of business they are in. We interviewed John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire, Kevin Rogers from Copy Chief, Bernice Cohen, The Master Injector from Beverly Hills, Lolita Korneaguy from Cansoom Cannabis Consulting and so many more…

Nurse Business
Starter Program

Join the Nurse Business Starter Program journey to discover the perfect business for you. Set your own course hours to suit your life



Gail Weatherill, RN

“I spent 5 years building a Facebook group of over 50,000 caregivers, but never made any money from it, until I joined NursePreneurs.  Since then I’ve written a book, started a documentary and embarked on a road trip for caregivers that I never dreamed possible.” 

~ Gail Weatherill, RN

Nurse Business Starter Program Is For You If..

→ You are lacking focus and direction in starting a business
→ You are overwhelmed with options and possibilities
→ You don’t know how your nursing expertise can monetize
→ You aren’t sure you really want to start a business but you want to investigate the possbility
→ You have a burning desire to make an impact but not sure what to do next
→ You are looking for some guidance through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this course is a starter program that allows you to move at your own pace when you have time. You can’t rush through it. Some ideas just take time to percolate. Relish the focus on you for once. This is your dream after all!

It varies. Each lesson is between 30-60 minutes, but the content is thought provoking. Your ideas need time to evolve to align with who you really are. You can get through the modules quickly, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be ready to launch. Do the work and you’ll get the results. Again, once you have your business trifecta in place, the last 3 modules can be completed in 1-2 days easily. They are only hard to do if you rushed through modules 1-3.

If you complete the course and don’t feel it was worth the value, I’ll issue a refund within the first 7 days.

Why shouldn’t I just jump into one of your other programs.
That’s for you to decide. I created this program to be easy and affordable because I’ve seen nurses purchase programs that were time and money intensive, yet do nothing with it. They thought because the business model was given to them, it would be easier to make money. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you aren’t passionate to start your business, it won’t get started, no matter how much money you spend to access it.
If you know you want to start an IV Hydration or Concierge Nurse business, then head over there and get started. But if you are still exploring, not really sure, getting your feet wet etc.. start here.

I can’t force you to do this work, but if you do, this is a proven method and action plan to success. By investing in Nurse Business Starter Program, you can confidently jump into action and take the first step toward manifesting your dream.