Messaging Your Mess

Messaging Your Mess NursePreneur Podcast

Suria Sparks is a top influencer in Asia and #1 in Singapore. She is a seasoned TEDx speaker, has been invited to speak at the United Nations, Harvard Business School and the Wall Street Journal.

Suria has her own podcast, TV show and over 100 million fans around the globe, but how did it all start? How does a person go from nothing, which is what Suria started out with to becoming a #1 influencer?

In this episode Suria talks about the bad situation she was in and how she set her intentions to start a business and learn everything she needed to know. But we all know working hard is not the key to success. Suria explains the steps she took to become successful, lose everything and then become successful again.

Suria found that sharing the struggles and the messes she found herself in were the key to helping others.  She quickly learned how to message “her mess” and serve her audience.

Suria is one of our guest faculty members at the Speak and Communication Mastery Program occurring in Las Vegas Jan 24-26, 2020. She will be teaching social media and helping nurses to “message their mess” if they have one or just brand themselves and rise to the top.

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Don’t Miss Moments:
–> How Suria found the courage to start a business
–> What it takes to get 100 million fans
–> What business Suria is really in
–> How to meet and work with Suria

The NursePreneur Podcast · Messaging Your Mess


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