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Eliseo Tajanlagit is a nurse who worked in the ED.  He saw so many patients coming into the ED with the wrong insurance.  As a bedside nurse he didn’t notice it so much, but when he transitioned to case management, he better understood the issue.

Eliseo wanted to better understand the problem, so he delved into the world of insurance.  So much so that Eliseo actually took the national insurance exam, so he is able to underwrite insurance plans.  

He currently works with insurance companies to help clients understand what it is that they need in their insurance plans.  For instance, do you need supplemental insurance? He is able to explain in plain, everyday language what it means if you add this into your plan vs leaving that out of the plan.

Eliseo markets himself through thought leadership.  He takes every opportunity he can get to talk to elders, corporations, communities and families about how to choose the right insurance plan.  Being a nurse who has seen the consequences of choosing the wrong plan, Eliseo is in a unique position to help so many people. Not many nurses have their insurance license or can underwrite an insurance plan.

Eliseo’s community outreach has been the lever of his success in this area.  He recently started his own company called Medicare Nurse Navigator, which I have a feeling will do very well considering how effective Eliseo is in communicating insurance details in lay person terminology and with his expertise as a nurse.


Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How Eliseo became passionate about helping clients with insurance

→ Why Eliseo decided it was important to take the national insurance exam

→ How Eliseo is able to help his clients with his Medicare Navigation skills

→ The type of business Eliseo is able to create with his knowledge

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