Collaborative Medical Director Matching

Medical Director Matchmaking Within 30 Days Guaranteed

You know you need a medical director to launch your business.

But maybe you don’t know a physician with the knowledge and skills to effectively collaborate within your business.

Or maybe you don’t know how to negotiate a contract.

Perhaps you aren’t sure of what to say or how to approach the subject.

Maybe you live in a state where tight regulations make it difficult to find a qualified physician.

You’re not alone.

We’ve heard horror stories of nurses interviewing more than 50 physicians and receiving outrageous demands in exchange for services.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Do you know how to negotiate payment and services? Do you know if you are being taken advantage of? Do you know what to expect from a good physician collaborating with you in your business?

Contracts Are Expensive

Writing a contract is expensive. If a physician wants a percentage of your business, it’s expensive. Involving lawyers is expensive.

But Your Business Can't Exist Without An Experienced Nurse’s Medical Director

Except the fact is in many cases, your nurse business cannot exist without a collaborating physician. It’s a necessity. And in the rare cases where it might not be a necessity, it’s always nice to have.

but the pain of this is over Because We Discovered A Sure-Fire Solution To This Problem

We have partnered with a trusted physician group that is dedicated to helping nurse businesses at fair market value prices…
…we are on a mission to help nurses just like you to get started in business!

IV Hydration Business

Carmen was going to open her IV Hydration business on Wednesday, but that Monday, the medical director she set up failed to get his license in time. Listen to the video to what happened when I called our team of medical directors.

Hi! I'm Catie Harris

I’m the owner and CEO of NursePreneurs. My mission has been to help nurses to set up their own business.
But setting up the business isn’t enough. There are other factors that are needed to get started.
We understand that nurses need collaborating physicians in certain cases. And up until now we didn’t have a good answer to this problem.
I’ve heard stories of nurses who gave up on their dreams because they interviewed 50+ physicians and couldn’t find an acceptable agreement.
Or they’ve been taken advantage of by dishonest professionals making outrageous demands. This is not acceptable.



So get ready to start your business because we have found a solution.they too have the success you have?

A Good Medical Director For Nurses

Can improve your business and even send you business. Some physicians agree to collaborate with you because they see dollar signs, but don’t actually help or they aren’t available for you. No more. We work with physician groups who are hired with set expectations. And if they don’t measure up, they get replaced.

Whatever business you are running, if you need a collaborating physician, these guys can help:

  • IV Hydration
  • Telehealth
  • Ketamine Clinics
  • Med Spas
  • Nurse Practitioner Clinics
  • RN Led Medical Facilities

NursePreneurs has discovered 3 great options for your business.


Collaborating Docs was founded by Dr. Annie DePasquale. Collaborating Docs specialize in helping nurse practitioners ONLY who need a supervising physician or a medical director.

Guardian MD is the first-ever platform that provides the tools, support, and resources you need for your healthcare business to be successful. Confidently start your healthcare business knowing Guardian MD provides the legal structure and compliance resources to operate in your state.


Collaborating Physician

The team sources collaborating physicians from their database of vetted physicians who understand business and understand the role they are supposed to play in your business.  Expectations are set with all the physicians.

State-Specific Knowledge

Live in a CPOM state? Your state has some wonky “rules”. This is no problem for our medical director groups.  They know exactly what is required by the collaborating docs and they can advise you and let you know. They have physicians in all 50 states.

Simple Negotiations

The medical director groups negotiate with the physicians on what they need to do in your business to be an effective partner. They make sure they understand their role.

Available Replacements

Your physician doesn’t do what you need, the relationship sours, he gets hit by a car or moves to Australia. Your entire business is riding on the good health and graces of a single person. Not anymore. Your collaborating doc can be replaced within a couple days.

Built-In Mentor

The medical director is there to help you be successful. They can help you get organized and provide guidance in your business because these physicians have been in business and know how to successfully start one.

Professionals Who Know Your Specialty

Is the about-to-retire pathologist who doesn’t even understand IV hydration therapy a good fit for your business? Probably not. That is why you get paired with physicians who understand your business model. And oftentimes can provide sound mentorship advice as many of the collab docs have run their own practices and businesses.

Pre-Written Contracts

The medical director teams have gone to incredible pains and expense to understand the laws and contracts in the various states (that’s a lot!). The legal team has already drafted contracts that are physician and nurse friendly.  It’s a win-win combination.

Fair Market Value

The medical teams are proud to help establish fair market value for collaborating physicians and they never ask for a percentage of your business. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or give away equity. 

Nurse Friendly

Our medical directors are proud to be nurse friendly, and they’re eager to work with nurses to help them grow their businesses. We are beyond thrilled to have found the team!

Never Worry About A Collaborating Physician Ever Again!


You’ve worked so hard to put your nurse business together and the last piece preventing the launch is finding the right collaborating physician. Some are too high, some want equity, some just want to be part of the ride.
You can get a collaborating physician in your specialty at fair market value – FAST…


We don’t guarantee many things, but in this case we can. When you are ready to partner with a knowledgeable, well-trained nurse’s medical director, these medical director teams guarantee to pair you up with a collaborating physician in 30 days. So no need to rush on this front. They have thousands of physicians waiting to work with you.


How much time is needed to get paired with a collaborating physician?

If have a launch date for your business within 6 weeks, then this is perfect timing.  On the other extreme, don’t expect to get paired with a physician with a week or less notice.  It’s possible, but not recommended or guaranteed.

What do the physicians do?

The collaborating physicians having an active role in the business.  They need to be available to you within reason and they need to know what is going on within the business.  To that end, expectations are set with physicians and the role they will play in your business.

What is the difference between a collaborating physician and a medical director?

It’s semantics.  Historically a medical director is someone who runs a specialty or a division. We use the term in business to hire a physician to work with nurses, however, technically the physician is collaborating with us.

The use of the words collaborating physicians make you think of a physician working with NPs in the hospital, but it is the technically correct term for how they help nurses outside the hospital too in business.


What are the contracts like?

Contracts vary in length but typically are set for 1 year.  Contracts are automatically renewed unless one of the parties decides to withdraw from the relationship.  This means the nurse may be responsible for paying for the medical director even if there is no income coming into the business.

What is the monthly cost of a medical director?

This number will vary from business model to business model and from state to state.  Generally many of the medical directors are sourced at less than $1200 a month and some as little as $700.  After your particular business is vetted you will be provided with a more accurate range. *Prices subject to change.

Contracts vary in length but typically are set for 1 year.  Contracts are automatically renewed unless one of the parties decides to withdraw from the relationship.  This means the nurse may be responsible for paying for the medical director even if there is no income coming into the business.

What if I don’t get along with my medical director?

If for whatever reason you don’t match with any of the physicians we will review with you the potential issues.

Relationships are everything in business.  However there are certainly times when certain personalities are mutually unbeneficial.  In this case, and in accordance with your contract, you can go through the process again and find a new medical director who better suits your needs.

Catie Harris NursePreneur Business Coaching

A personal note from Catie…

If you require a medical director for your business, this doesn’t have to be scary or complicated.

We have found three incredible groups who you can work with.  They are all nurse friendly and happy to work with you.


with Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN

Please note that our course does not engage in financial transactions with the Medical Directors. The Medical Directors have been selected based on recommendations from previous course participants. While we strive to maintain a high standard of quality and integrity in our course, we acknowledge that circumstances can change. A Medical Director who initially meets our criteria may, over time, deviate from the standards or expectations we have set. We are committed to regularly reviewing and assessing the performance and suitability of all Medical Directors involved in our course. However, we advise all participants to exercise their own judgement and discretion while interacting with and learning from these professionals.