Does Your Nurse Business Need A Marketing Strategy?

Learn NursePreneurs' Proven Acquisition and Retention Systems.

NursePreneurs & Your Business

NursePreneurs offers a range of services that will increase your ability to find and attract clients into your business.  Once you create the business, your focus needs to be on marketing.  But acquiring a new client can be an expensive process.  So we focus on both client acquisition for new start ups and client retention for businesses who already have some clients.  

You will always need to do a mix of both, but as your company matures, you can spend more time (and less money) with current clients over acquiring new clients.

Our process is driven by proven strategies and driven by data.  We help you understand your numbers so you can grow your revenue and scale your business to where you want to be.

Marketing 101

Marketing is essential for your business to be seen and found.  But you could literally go broke trying to do it all.  We recommend you have a solid plan for initial marketing to get you up and going.  Build out a sales converting website.  Establish an organic social media presence to drive people to your website.  Integrate best SEO practices into your website to capture search engine leads.  Use paid ads strategy to amplify it all.

Custom Sales Websites

Some websites are pretty, some are functional, but our websites are pretty, functional and designed to attract and acquire potential leads to convert them into sales. Your website needs to do the heavy lifting, so make sure it's done correctly.

Organic Social Media

Get the high-quality, consistent organic content you want and expect. We’ll help you build credibility and authority and engage with potential clients to improve conversions and leverage your social media consistently.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is consistently dismissed as not that important, but using properly implemented SEO strategies can dramatically reduce ad spend and consistently drive leads straight to you. Major results can be seen in as little as 2 months.

Digital Ads

Paid advertisements get you in front of your audience immediately. A successfully planned and optimized paid ad campaign captures the attention of the right audience and moves them to take action. We advertise on Facebook, Google or Tiktok.

Lead Generation

Set up a lead generation system as soon as you can.  The most valuable asset in your business is going to be phone numbers and emails.  With our marketing platform, you can capture people asking questions, through opt-in forms, with lead magnets and more. With our funnels, we can direct traffic exactly where you want them to go.  And virtual live leads are real people working to book leads into your system as paying customers.

Marketing Platform

Add our cloud based, HIPAA compliant software to your marketing strategy. It combines lead management, marketing automation, scheduling, texting, emails, web chat, and review management all in one place. Plus you can schedule and post on your social media channels all in one place.


Having a great ad, great social media and a great website will only work if you have a funnel system set up to capture and nurture leads to do exactly what it is that you want them to do. Marketing works, but if it's not working for you it's most likely due to a funnel issue. We design and build funnels that convert.

Virtual Live Leads

Consists of a team of assistants working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week managing your dashboard and website with the goal of getting appointments scheduled. That kind of commitment is far more than just 1 full time employee and at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention what you’re gaining in increased results.


Our design team is amazing and can create beautiful work for you or overall an existing brand that isn’t working for you.

Brand Kit

Your brand is not just colors and fonts, but also your tone, voice, ambience. What kind of image are you trying to project and what do you want people to see? You control their perceptions of your business by controlling the brand. This is a big deal for your business, you want to get this right.


Logo design needs to illuminate what your brand stands for. We work with you to understand your vision and then get to work creating exactly what you are looking for. We will provide multiple variations of the logo and favicons.


Our design and copy team will work together to write and design brochures, rack cards, slim cards, business cards, flyers, posters, store signage and more. Tell us what you need and we will give you a quote.

Marketing Packages

Bundle and save with our packages.  We can tailor any package to your needs.  Just tell us where you need help and we will package together services that fit your budget.

Launch Day

You need to make money to pay off your debts. A launch day is a perfect way to generate buzz and interest in your business as well as to generate that much needed income to grow and thrive.

Marketing Mastery

Work 1:1 with a strategic marketing coach to generate your 90 day goals and devise a plan on how you are going to reach them. Strategic coaching. This program is perfect for beginning and more advanced business owners.

Know Your Numbers

Work with our business planners and financial experts to understand your cash flow and next moves. Work 1:1 with our coaches to uncover exactly where your money is going and the best place to funnel it to grow your empire.


Need a variety of things or don't see exactly what you need? We custom design marketing packages tailored to what you need within your budget.