Advance Your Career as an LPN or LVN
(Without Going Back to RN School)

Nursing is a rewarding career for you. You love helping and caring for people, and you love bringing joy to your patients. But there’s one thing you wish you could change …

And that’s the frustration, embarrassment, and shame you feel whenever someone says:

“So, you’re just an LPN?”

Followed by, “So, when are you going back to nursing school?”

You know what you bring to the nursing community, but when people ask you that question, you start to doubt your worth, career choice and future.

Now, trust and believe I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there.

See, back when I was a practicing LPN, I didn’t have the resources (or time) to go back to nursing school. However, I was repeatedly asked to train other, less experienced nurses – who earned more per hour than I did!

Here I was, ashamed about “only being an LPN,” all while training, supporting and guiding RNs. And while I enjoyed my work, I hit a brick wall because, without a piece of paper that certified me as an RN, there were no more rungs on the ladder for me to climb. Or, at least, that’s what these healthcare facilities wanted me to believe.

See, instead of dragging myself back through nursing school and accepting the position I was offered, I took full control of my career and created a new, higher-paying role for myself. Yes, you read that right … I said “created” and I pitched it to my supervisor at the time, and I landed the role.

Since that time, I’ve run entire nursing departments, won industry awards and conducted training sessions at medical and nursing organizations.

I’ve also written articles that have gone on to become required reading materials for advanced nursing programs and launched TWO companies earning multiple 6 figures.

Now, the best part is, I’ve done it all while “only being an LPN.”

But garnering success for myself isn’t enough. You see, I know there are other LPNs just like me who want to advance their careers but have no clear path to do so.

Look, if you’re an LPN or LVN, I know …

You want to grow your salary and career.

You want to feel fulfilled and financially safe.

You want to wake up and clock into a role that makes you proud of the work you do.

And when you join me inside Learn. Pivot. Navigate. (L.P.N.), you’ll gain exclusive access to the ladder-climbing support, just-for-LPNs guidance, resources and strategies you need to advance your nursing career and live the financially healthy life you deserve.

Discover How To Fully Leverage Your LPN or LVN License

With L.P.N., you’ll immerse yourself into real-life, actionable training on the specific steps and practical knowledge you need to create the fulfilling nursing career you want.

Oh, and before I go any further, please know that this is NOT some “wake-up-and-launch-it” program where I wrap half-baked ideas and a few Google-worthy strategies into an online course and leave you to figure it all out for yourself.

Listen, I don’t play games with my future and I’m not about to play any games with yours. L.P.N. is a community overflowing with research-based strategies and proven methods to give you the confidence and pride to truly leverage the power of the LPN letters behind your name.

During our time together, you’ll tap into the brilliant minds of highly sought-after nursing experts, instructors and coaches who will openly share their personal stories and been-there-done-that blueprints and wisdom on uncovering success in the nursing industry – all without needing to become an RN.

You’ll get an all-access pass to explore a treasure chest of tools and resources and interactive sessions where you’ll discover how to:

  • Build a resume that shines a light on what you do and showcases your ability to serve as an asset in an advanced role
  • Silence self-limiting beliefs that have you mentally and emotionally stuck in an unfulfilling role
  • Boost your confidence and leverage the LPN credentials to take your career to places you never thought possible
  • Pivot, progress and hone your skills as the nursing industry continues to evolve and shift
  • Strategically position yourself to land the promotion or raise you want and negotiate your dream salary when interviewing for new opportunities
  • Activate your inner boss mode on those days when you feel unmotivated and uninspired
  • Turn your LPN credentials into a lucrative side business that fuels long-term wealth
  • Align your job responsibilities with your authentic self so you stay fulfilled from within (regardless of the corporate politics occurring at your workplace)
  • Transform your income into a tool that works to build a legacy of wealth for you and your family (all while you actually enjoy life)

Discover How To Fully Leverage Your LPN or LVN License

If you’re the high-achieving LPN I believe you are, then I know you’re ready for more in your nursing career – more responsibility, more respect and more income. 

The problem is that others in the industry have led you to believe you have to go back to nursing school to get the “more” you want and deserve. And carrying the weight of not having the resources or time to enroll in an RN program has you feeling stuck, defeated and unsure about what to do next. 

But listen, the burden is no longer yours.

See, you CAN have more responsibility, more respect, more income and all the “more” you want and deserve with the LPN credentials you have right now. 

And inside L.P.N., you’ll tap into my proven, three-pillar system – learn, pivot and navigate – to get it (no additional schooling, late-night cramming or significant financial investment required).

You’ll gain all the strategies, methods, guidance and support you need to take full advantage of your LPN letters, all for a tiny percentage of what you’d pay for nursing school – and at a fraction of the time investment.

With L.P.N., you’ll get concrete, actionable tools and resources to define your own success as an LPN. You’ll learn how to negotiate, network, fine-tune your resume, secure lucrative job offerings and level up your letters by exploring opportunities to specialize in unique nursing areas of expertise.

Fast-Track Your Success in Nursing

PLUS, when you join now, you’ll get the virtual key to unlock a treasure chest of exclusive bonuses all designed to fast-track your progress in building a rewarding and fulfilling nursing career.

  • BONUS #1: A lesson to explore nontraditional LPN roles and career alternatives PLUS a guest session with LPNs already in these roles, leaving you  with the been-there-done-that insight you need to understand exactly how you can elevate your life and career as an LPN.
  • BONUS #2: An entrepreneurial “bootcamp” giving you a front-row seat to hear from nurses who are full-time business owners after building highly successful businesses in a range of areas, including education, nursing apparel, staffing, consulting, and more.

Between the proven three-pillar system, expert-level, actionable training sessions, a highly supportive community of other ambitious, high-achieving LPNs, a treasure chest of results-driven bonuses AND additional resources and tools you need to leverage your LPN credentials, it appears there’s only ONE thing missing inside L.P.N. …

And that’s YOU!

You say you want to advance as an LPN and inside the L.P.N. community, we’re putting you on a three-pillar path to do precisely that.

You say you want to increase your income and inside the L.P.N. community, we’re giving you the insight, guidance and support you need to make it happen.

You say you want to feel more fulfilled and content with your LPN role and inside L.P.N. community, we’re providing you with proven strategies to silence self-limiting beliefs and skyrocket your confidence, so you gain the power to do just that.

You say you want more responsibility and respect and inside the L.P.N. community, we’re giving you the insight and wisdom you need to demand higher pay, showcase your unmatched talent and let your work and achievements amplify you as an asset to any employer.

The bottom line is that we have left no stone unturned. Inside the L.P.N. community, you gain exclusive access to unwavering support and guidance you need to get your mind right, level up your income and unapologetically leverage your LPN credentials.

And while you CAN have it all, you first must step up and proclaim you’re willing to put in the work to achieve all the “more” you’ve been saying you want.

Inside L.P.N.

Inside L.P.N., my posse of powerhouse nursing experts and coaches will guide you through my three-pillar method and give you the inside scoop on:
  • How to use my signature three-pillar system to navigate the ins and outs of your current role job, shine a spotlight on your expertise and land the advanced, higher-paying role you want
  • Rarely-talked-about secrets to building a community of industry powerhouses and relying on your professional network to open doors and limitless opportunities in the nursing industry
  • Proven techniques to infuse your resume with power words and phrases that showcase your experience and unmatched talent in ways  that will have employers racing to hire you
  • A little-known strategy for developing a “brag book” that showcases insight from patients and colleagues, giving you the competitive edge during performance reviews and job searches
  • A highly effective way to find diamond-in-the-rough, top-quality jobs without spending hours searching the internet and job boards
  • How to hit the reset button and open your mind and heart to more lucrative opportunities that YOU deserve all while downplaying the false belief that being an LPN is not enough
  • Proven insights on how to negotiate your salary with success, leverage LinkedIn to build connections and ignite new nursing opportunities, and tap into the power of certifications to boost your expertise –all without stepping foot into another nursing school

Inside L.P.N.

While inclusivity is important, there are times when certain individuals have to be excluded to ensure the intended audience gets the support needed to achieve excellence. And the L.P.N. community is one of those times.

 That’s why it’s exclusively for LPNs and LVNs who have at least 2 years of work experience. We provide a safe space, a place where you can vent, connect with others, ask questions and get motivated.

While we love and appreciate all that RNs do for the industry, the L.P.N. community is a space solely dedicated to LPNs and LVNs who want to feel fulfilled, motivated and inspired to fully leverage the credentials they have – without feeling like they have to become an RN to obtain a rewarding career in nursing.

If you genuinely want everything you say you do, you won’t waste any time tapping the button below to claim your spot.

Unlock Your Next Level in Nursing

To recap, inside the L.P.N. Community, you’ll receive:

Instant Access to Proven Career-Boosting Strategies

Get guidance, strategies and expert-level wisdom where my posse of powerhouse nursing goal-getters shares exactly how they turned their LPN 

letters into fulfilling, high-paying roles and businesses.

Training Sessions 

Access our training sessions facilitated by a high-achieving nursing coach, expert or influencer to turn your confidence and motivation all the way up as you hear about achievements you never thought possible as an LPN.  

Lifetime Access to a Collaborative Community of High-Achievers

Surround yourself with other high-achieving LPNs who are about that “level up” life so you can give and receive the motivation and inspiration you need to excel.

A Treasure Chest of Bonuses

For a limited time, fast-track your success with 2 action-inducing bonuses filled with the strategies, methods, techniques, tools and resources you need to unlock your next level in nursing

Experience Everything Inside 
the L.P.N. Community for an Investment of $1,997.
(Budget-friendly payment plans are available.)

Like, all of my nurse-centered programs, I’m confident joining the L.P.N. community will be life- and career-changing for you. And the nurswes who have worked with me before can attest to that!

Meet the Brains Behind the L.P.N.

I’m Portia Wofford, a licensed LPN, full-time business owner and the founder of Learn. Pivot. Navigate. (L.P.N.).  My beginnings are probably similar to yours, but my pivot came early in my career. After 2 years as an LPN, I was training new LPNs and RNs coming into the facility I worked for and they were earning more than me! 

I was creating programs, running departments and developing curricula for my employers, but I was getting short-changed at every turn. I was a great nurse. I was confident. Patients and their family members loved me and providers sought me out.

Then I went to brunch with some old high school classmates who asked about my career and, after telling them I was working as an LPN, I was met with disappointment, pity and that all-too-common response, “Oh, so you’re not really a nurse?”

I was mortified. Then and there I decided I’d go back to school and become an RN … until I realized:


  • I didn’t have the resources or time to invest in an RN pro gram.
  • I’d have to take prerequisite classes before even diving into the RN program, which would significantly prolong my time in school.
  • I would have to attend classes in-person because there were not many legit online options to choose from.

While I was desperately trying to figure out how I could make the RN school thing work, it dawned on me that I didn’t need an RN degree to do the advanced nursing work I was ALREADY doing.

I then refocused my energy and started uncovering ways to leverage my LPN license. I created strategies and tapped into proven ways to land roles traditionally for RNs, run entire departments, win nursing awards, speak for medical and nursing organizations, write programs and curricula and create TWO multi-six figure companies … all WITHOUT becoming an RN.

And inside the L.P.N. community, I’ve teamed up with my network of high-achieving nurses to provide you with the tools, support, resources and guidance to turn your LPN credentials into lucrative opportunities just like we’ve done.  

Now, to be clear … L.P.N. is NOT a career coaching program. Instead, it’s an all-inclusive community exclusively created to serve as a safe space where LPNs can learn, pivot and navigate the ins and outs of the industry all while connecting with other high-achieving LPNs you can vent to, lean on and inspire.

Inside L.P.N., you’ll have everything you need to advance as an LPN, launch a side hustle or start your very own nursing-related business.

Tap below to join our next LIVE cohort (starting October 18) and reap all the benefits this community has to offer.

Answers to your lingering questions
Questions your fellow nurses asked before grabbing their spot inside L.P.N.

1.  I’m skeptical about an online program. What makes the L.P.N. community different?
The biggest difference is our action-oriented approach. You see, this is not a place to come to learn a ton of strategies and attend LIVE training sessions only to continue feeling stuck in your current role.

Here, you’ll get the been-there-done-that insight, guidance and support you need to make real changes in how you view and leverage your LPN and LVN credentials. You see, I know what’s possible with those LPN/LVN letters and you can count on me and my posse of powerhouse nurses to put you in a position to level up with yours.

2.  Can I make payments or is the enrollment fee due upfront?
Because I fully understand the challenges of balancing bills, work, and investing in your future, I’m offering a three-payment option to give participants the opportunity to make small payments toward a community that will undoubtedly help solidify a big shift in their careers. 
You can explore the one-time investment and three-payment options here.

3.  I don’t get a lot of time off from work. How do I know participating in the L.P.N. community will be worth my time?
I know finding the time to add this community to your already busy schedule can be hard, especially when your employer is constantly piling on responsibilities and cashing in on your talents. But please know this:

This is YOUR season to create the career YOU want. And to unlock your next level in nursing, you must take risks, like re-prioritizing how you spend your time to make your own dreams come true. 

4.  I’m interested, but can I just wait for the next cohort to join?
While the choice is certainly yours, I encourage you to “not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Here’s the thing:

If you really want to leverage your LPN/LVN license, you need somewhere to get answers for all of your questions. You need community, support and most of all … accountability! The L.P.N. community is the place to get it.  

Plus, this cohort will be taught LIVE, so if you’re ready to advance your nursing career but you have a ton of questions on the how, what and when, then enrolling now is going to give you the rare opportunity to interact with me and my network of nursing experts live so we can address your specific needs and provide you with the personalized insights to unlock your career goals.

Here's one last thing I want you to know:

If you’re considering going back to RN school because you’re not making enough money or you’re looking to advance in your career, BUT your heart isn’t in it or you’re not motivated to do it, then more school is not the answer.

Instead, you need to work more on your mindset, career development and confidence. And these are 3 things you’ll do inside the L.P.N. community. 

We also motivate, encourage and offer a network of support for you to tap into and use as often as you need. 

Now, I know that money might be tight and I know that your time might already be stretched to the limit, but if you’re on the fence, I urge you to ask yourself these questions:


  • What would NOT having to work a double shift just to make ends meet mean for me?
  • What would NOT having to work weekends and holidays mean for me and my family?
  • What would NOT having to be “on call” mean for me?

With the strategies, insight and guidance packed inside the L.P.N. community, you’ll have the ability and confidence to ask for better hours, more pay, time off or if you choose, branch off completely and create your own side hustle or full-time business. 

Want A Sneak Peek?

Here's a look inside one of the side hustle lessons!