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John Modica is a Registered Nurse who was working as a travel nurse in Alaska when he got frustrated with trying to keep all his documents with 5 different staffing agencies in order.  When he lost a dream travel position due to not having his documents in order, he began lamenting to his friend Dave.

Dave just so happened to be an entrepreneur and healthcare data migration expert.  When he listened to what John was saying he found it hard to believe that healthcare workers didn’t have some sort of digital wallet.

So as luck and a great problem would have it, John and Dave came up with the idea of digital wallet for healthcare professionals.

What is unique about this platform is that the software tracks your licenses, certifications, compliance information, work history, recommendations and more.

Originally the idea was to help nurses who worked for multiple staffing agencies, but as the software started to evolve, it became increasingly clear that the application was going to be quite broad.

The platform has application for staffing agencies, recruiters, universities, and even for other health care professionals such as respiratory therapists, echo technicians, radiology techs, PT/OT and so much more.

Nurses can sign up for free on this platform.  To sign up go to the website: www.KamanaHealth.com

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How John came up with the idea for Kamana Health

→ How John built his team

→ The journey John took to get this idea from conception to profitable

→ What Kamana means and why they chose this name 

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