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"Work with kimble...”

Elle Marie, Student IV Hydration Mastermind

Alchemy IV Wellness

“I feel empowered and confident because I now have the tools and formulas to start my business.”

Korie Coyazo, RN IV Hydration Mastermind

“I am so so so excited to be here and nervous at the same time. Can't wait to start learning and networking”
Nicole Baldwin
Student, IV Hydration Mastermind
“I am so excited to start my own business. I am happy to find this support group.”
Bayaraa Baramsai
Student IV Hydration Mastermind
“Looking forward to connecting with like minded individuals and build something of my own”
Lina Von Fassen
Student, IV hydration Mastermind

If you are on the fence just join.

“Kimble helped me put the entire business together”
Holly Laughlin, RN
Student, IV Hydration Mastermind
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Viva Care Solutions

”Here's my success for the week!"
Valerie Caraballo, Student IV Hydration Mastermind

Consumer Testimonials. As with any business-related program, your results using NursePreneurs may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. NursePreneurs does not offer “get rich quick schemes.” It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results, and these grads agree.