Discover the to how these nurses became owners of multiple thriving IV hydration businesses, and how you can too.

In this 1 hour long Masterclass, you’ll learn our proven, 3-phrase strategy that’s helped nurses just like you leave their hospital jobs and launch successful IV Hydration Businesses!

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During this online nurse IV Hydration training, you'll learn…

How This IV Hydration Masterclass Has Helped Real Nurses Start Their Businesses

“Nikala started her business in Tampa after taking the IV Hydration Mastermind. Nikala had taken other courses before but was unable to launch using their methods. It wasn’t until she started working with Kimble that she finally opened her doors!”

Nikala Stewart, DNP

“I had spent a lot of money on an expensive program, but they didn’t teach any marketing. So I hired an expensive marketing firm. But then NursePreneurs helped me to devise an organic marketing plan that worked even better!”

Gifty Aidoo, RN
Paradigm Infusions

“Carmen opened her business with a ribbon cutting ceremony after winning a business pitchfest and becoming certified in our program.”

Carmen Morales, RN

After this masterclass, you’ll know the to all these questions…

About Your Hosts

Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN

Catie has dreamed of being a nurse since she was 16 years old. At first, she was over the moon to make her real-life fantasy of becoming a nurse a reality, but after years of long hours and having her ideas repeatedly shot down, Catie hit a breaking point.

She had a vision of having more control over her own life, her schedule, and her income. Today, Catie is the CEO of NursePreneurs, a mentorship program that empowers nurses to monetize their knowledge, develop business skills, and help healthcare delivery evolve.

Catie believes that nurses are uniquely positioned to be entrepreneurs and aims to provide education and mentorship to nurture and strategize their ideas into fruition.

Kimble Bradley, RN

Kimble Bradley, RN is the CEO and owner of Elite Concierge Nurses and Helping other nurses achieve their goals is a top priority for Kimble because of the support she received throughout her career in the NursePreneurs community.

She understands the specific challenges nurses in business face—how busy they are and how much they want to invest in solid opportunities instead of chasing down shiny objects. That’s why Kimble created a no-nonsense program that is focused on getting it done and doing it while working a part-time or even full-time job.

As an owner of IV Hydration and Elite Concierge Nurses, Kimble leverages the expertise of her own practice and the network she has built to help new nurse IV Hydration business owners attract more clients—fast.

By taking advantage of her knowledge, experience, and industry insights, you’ll find that starting your own IV Hydration business is not only possible, but also more rewarding than you ever imagined.

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