Are You Ready

For An Advanced High End Mastermind For IV Hydration Owners?

Let’s talk about this. 
When it comes to building an IV Hydration business and launching it, it’s hard work. 

Maybe you took 6 weeks to do it, maybe it took you 6 months. 

But you did it! 

And that deserves a huge congratulations.
You have done what 80% of others like you decided not to do.
They gave up, they decided it cost too much, took too much time or they weren’t really dedicated to seeing it through.

 Not you. You launched. 

But now you have a new problem.

 You need more clients, more revenue, more ideas, more team training, more, more, more. 

No matter what step of the business you are in, there will always be new problems to overcome.
You will never get to the point where the business runs itself.
But we can show you how to get it running like a well oiled machine.
And we can show you how to slowly extract yourself from the business itself.

I Can't Believe How Far We've Come!

There were so many moving pieces to setting up the IV Hydration clinic, and now that we have clients, there are new problems like training the growing team, operations, understanding finances.  I am so thankful to have NursePreneurs at my side.

Constance Ebanda

You know you can grow the business more,

but you’re not sure how

You know that this business is the answer, but you don’t have a clear plan you can trust to get you there.

You certainly didn’t want to exchange working 60 hours a week for working 80 hours a week and the added stress of managing a team on top of everything else. If you are burning the candle at both ends, you are headed down the wrong path.

Are You Ready

We Get It... And We Got Your Back...

Growing From 1-10 Clients A Day Is Way Different

We didn’t realize how fast we would grow.  I have 5 or 6 clients in chairs at any one time.  That means I have to have nurses who understand my brand working along side me.  Building the system is the next vital step after launching the business.

Toni Sweeney

If you are like a lot of our students,

you’ve tried a few things already like...

Bought Facebook ads that didn’t do anything
Hired a coach who didn’t understand your business model
Paid an expensive marketing company for poor ROI
Asked people to review your services but they never follow through

But It’s Not Your Fault.

IV Hydration is such a new phenomenon, and there are so few mentors out there, that this type of Mastermind just has never existed before. We all need each other to grow.

You can do this and we can show you how, because now we know how to:
Grow 6 and 7-figure businesses
Get rave reviews for your local business
Bring in leads consistently and convert them to clients

You’re hardworking, smart and passionate.
So there is every reason to believe you will be successful.

Except it’s virtually impossible to do it alone. In fact there isn’t a single successful entrepreneur who I have ever heard of who did it alone. 

And why would you want to? If you don’t have to
start at square one, why would you choose to do that?

Getting from square one to square two can take months or even years.
Whereas one or two conversations with a key mentor can drop that down to days or weeks.

We are talking with the #1 Cross Fit Trainers in the World

Imagine having the opportunity of a lifetime fall in your lap and you don’t have systems in place!  That is why you need to have support around you all the time.


The Surprising Truth About

Growing Your IV Hydration Business

While the business can be challenging, exhausting and expensive… It can also be rewarding, empowering and liberating…

You need a deep level of support to break through to the top tier levels of your business. And a program that gives you the resources you need to help you keep up your momentum.

That is why my team created…

Our 3 Pillars Of Success

The Onboarding Process

1.  Your Own Account Manager 
2. Financial Assessment with bottom line cash flow review 
3. Marketing Audit of your business.  Once you know how much money you have, we can leverage it to make more…

Together our onboarding process is top notch. It’s impossible for us to get to the heart of your business without an in depth look at your unique design. By the time you are done with the onboarding process, you will have a clear understanding of what
you will need to do next in your business to excel.


1. Live Group coaching through zoom on a variety of topics including

  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Training
  • Partnerships
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Wealth Management
  • Operations Management
  • Annual Financial Goal Planning

2. Live Coaching in Philadelphia*

  • Feb 8-10 2023
  • Oct 18-20 2023

*Travel expenses not included

Live coaching is powerful on zoom, but nothing beats in person. Come to one or both of our IV Hydration Accelerator in person events in Philadelphia.

The Network Effect

1. Private Community to ask questions and get support from a group of business owners who know what you are going through
2. In person meet ups to solidify friendships, partnerships and affiliate opportunities
3. Zoom calls to address topics monthly based on what you need to know.

Learning What NOT To Do Is Equally Important

Avoiding traps and expensive marketing has saved me more than I’ve spent on coaching.  I’m thankful to have support and not to do this alone.


Introducing IV Hydration Accelerator

Join Us For Our 12-Month Accelerator To Make This Your Best Year

IV Hydration Accelerator is our next level coaching program for IV Hydration business owners who are ready to create a successful 6 or 7 figure business on their own terms.

We only open our doors to a small group of people to give our incredible students that level of personalized feedback and attention you will need.

Get 1:1 attention for your business
Get a plan to reach your 6-7 figure income goals and beyond
Become a respected and recognized business owner in your area
Delegate with confidence and ease
Attract dream clients who rave about you and come back consistently

…and so much more!

We are so EXCITED to get to know you this year…

What’s the Investment?

We intend for this to change the trajectory of your business

Full Pay

One-time payment and get our full pay bonus – an additional private 1:1 with our IV Hydration Team



Accelerated Plan

$1997 now, plus 6 monthly
payments of $2100



Extended Plan

$1997 now, plus 10 monthly payments of $1400



You Must Apply For This Exclusive Program

Book An Appointment With My Team Today

In summary…

You’ll enjoy support and accountability from us using our 3 Pillars of Success Framework. Plus, you’ll get personalized feedback, attention and support that you need for your business.

Your 12 months of transformation

And you’ll get:

IV Hydration Accelerator

Catie Harris

Catie is an expert in business models and marketing frameworks who will help you with your next steps in marketing.

Jereny Gorenstein

Our Financial Planner and Guru.  Jeremy does complex financial planning and systems and will help you see how much money you can have.

Who this is NOT for…

If you have NOT started your IV Hydration business, this is not for you.

Please get started in launching your business before you start the IV Hydration Accelerator.

Ideally you will be generating between $5000-25k+ a month in your IV Hydration business in order to start this program.
If you are not generating this kind of income yet, you should work on getting more clients through word of mouth or evaluation the basic processes that have been laid out for you inside our beginners course.

Don’t try to get ahead of yourself.
This program will not help you launch the business.
That is what our IV Hydration Launch program is for.
Please take that program and attend the bootcamp prior to applying to IV Hydration Accelerator.

Your application will not be accepted if you have not successfully launched an IV Hydration business yet.

You might be wondering… Am I Ready For This?


The fact that you are on this page looking for ways to reach the highest level of your IV Hydration business speaks volumes.
You know it’s time to be part of a group of business owners who can help you reach even higher peaks.

So if you are ready to expand your business this year, I have an invitation for you.

Join me and my team of expert coaches and our top notch community to tap into a steady stream of revenue where you are working less to achieve it.

Now is the time to… Be excited, Grow, Connect with others

Ready to take the leap?

IV Hydration Accelerator

Join Our Community Of Successful IV Hydration Business Owners