Get Inspired By These Nurse Entrepreneur Magazines

Nursing is one of the most fulfilling careers out there, but it can also be quite demanding. Nurses spend long hours caring for patients, juggling multiple tasks and dealing with high-stress situations. However, for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, nursing can also be a gateway to exciting business opportunities. Thankfully, there are several nurse entrepreneur magazines, webinars, books, and podcasts available to support and guide you in your entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Nurse Entrepreneur Magazine- Nurse Entrepreneur Magazine is an online publication that provides resources, inspiration, and education for nurses who want to start their businesses. The magazine features articles written by nurse entrepreneurs, industry experts, and business professionals. Some of the topics covered in the magazine include marketing, finance, legal issues, and networking. Nurse Entrepreneur Magazine is an excellent resource for nurses who want to learn from successful nurse entrepreneurs and get practical advice for their businesses.
  2. Scrubs Magazine- Scrubs Magazine is another online publication that provides resources and inspiration for nurses. The magazine features articles on healthcare trends, lifestyle, and career advice. While not solely focused on entrepreneurship, Scrubs Magazine provides valuable insights and inspiration for nurses who are considering starting their businesses.
  3. Nurse Entrepreneur Webinars- Webinars are a great way to learn about starting a business without having to leave your home. Many organizations offer free webinars for nurse entrepreneurs, covering topics such as business planning, marketing, and financial management. Some organizations to consider for webinars include the National Nurses in Business Association and the Nurse Entrepreneurs Network.
  4. Nursing Economic$- Nursing Economic$ is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on healthcare economics and healthcare delivery. While not solely focused on entrepreneurship, the journal provides valuable insights for nurse entrepreneurs, including healthcare trends, policy changes, and healthcare finance. The journal is an excellent resource for nurse entrepreneurs who want to stay informed about the healthcare industry and its impact on their businesses.
  5. Nurse Entrepreneur Books- Books can also be a great resource for nurse entrepreneurs. There are many books available on business strategy, marketing, and other topics relevant to starting a business. Some popular books for nurse entrepreneurs include “The Nurse’s Guide to Starting a Business” by Patricia Ann Bemis, “The Business of Nurse Management” by Nancy J. Brent, and “Nurse Entrepreneurship: A Toolkit for Success” by Colette M. Strnad.
  6. Nurse Leader- Nurse Leader is a publication of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership. The magazine provides resources and insights for nurse leaders, including nurse entrepreneurs. While not solely focused on entrepreneurship, Nurse Leader provides valuable insights for nurse entrepreneurs who want to develop leadership skills and grow their businesses.
  7. Podcasts- Podcasts are another great resource for nurse entrepreneurs. There are several podcasts that focus on entrepreneurship and nursing, including the “NursePreneur Podcast” and the “Entrepreneurial Nurse” podcast. These podcasts feature interviews with successful nurse entrepreneurs and offer tips and advice for starting your own business.

There is all kinds of support out there for nurses starting their own businesses. From magazines, books, podcasts, and more, you have plenty of tools at your fingertips. 

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