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Dr. Candy Campbell started her career as an actor and flight attendant. Then during one truly harrowing flight, she discovered her call for nursing. Like many nurses she worked in various specialties finally settling into the neonatal ICU.

While working there she discovered a problem that she wanted someone to focus on. That someone became herself. Candy wanted to document the life of micro preemies. When she couldn’t get anyone else to film her dream, she returned to film school to learn how to put together a documenatry.

Her documentary ended up winning awards and was highly acclaimed. This path led her to write books, and her books led to speaking engagements.

Then she rediscovered acting in the form of stand up comedy and improv. Candy realized the potential for improv to improve communication in healthcare. She began doing improv workshops for corporations and hospitals.

At the same time she became intrigued and obsessed with the writings of Florence Nightengale. She now does solo acts dressing up as the great Florence and teaching her methods across the country.

Candy’s foray into business all started with solving a problem and the more problems she finds, the more solutions she provides, the bigger her business becomes. She now runs the Candy Campbell empire of books, workshops, keynotes, shows and so much more!

To learn more about Candy and her business check out:

Don’t Miss Moments:

–> How a research report carved the path for the Candy Campbell empire

–> How Candy moved from one business idea to the next and stayed within the framework of her mission

–> How improv is used in healthcare to improve communication

–> What Candy is doing next!

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