Importance of Cold Calling
The Importance of Cold Calling

It’s uncomfortable. It’s nerve wracking and it can make you feel vulnerable. It’s cold calling, and it matters! 

With the ever-growing channels of online marketing, cold calling may seem like an outdated marketing technique. But no matter how uncomfortable or outdated is may seem, cold calling is a powerful and effective marketing strategy, especially for new business owners. But why? 

When launching your business, you have to rely on personal connections to get the word out there about your services. While your new business may not be generating organic leads from your social media or website, you can pick up the phone and create awareness on your own.  

Take Jenny Johnson for example. As an RN, mother, and co-founder of concierge nursing business Heart Of Gold Nursing, Jenny understands the challenges of starting a business from scratch. In fact, she began Heart of Gold Nursing in the midst of the pandemic and attributes a huge part of her success to cold calling. 

Understanding the vulnerability that comes along with cold calling, Jenny stands by the statement that you “have to put yourself out there” to generate leads and that you “cannot and should not give up”. 

It’s this resilience that takes your business to the next level and gives you the confidence to continue cold calling with gusto. While it may seem like a waste of time, studies shows that nearly 70% of buyers are open to cold calls, giving you a chance to pitch your services to an attentive audience that can potentially convert into clients. 

In fact, over 50% of company owners prefer one-on-one conversations to email, text, and/or social media lead generation strategies. Sometimes all you need to do is get them on the phone. 

While rejection is inevitable, you may just be surprised how many leads are susceptible to cold calling techniques. 

Jenny states that “starting a business is like a big blank space, and it’s scary as heck!”.  As founder of NursePreneurs, I understand the fear of starting a business. Putting yourself out there is scary, and it can make you feel vulnerable. 

Keeping in mind that you have something invaluable to offer is key to pushing through those awkward phone calls and generating those first leads that can impact your success.  

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar.

So yes, cold calling can be uncomfortable, but it’s not a dead marketing technique. Pick up the phone, put yourself out there, don’t be shy about what you have to offer, because a single cold call can change the course of your business forever. 

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