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Megan Foltz is a periop nurse who felt a calling to Haiti in 2010 after the massive earthquake that hit the island.  Megan was unprepared for what she initially experienced in Haiti, but was determined to find a way to help.  When cholera broke out on the island she watched the people die senseless deaths within 24 hours.  She ended up making 11 trips to the island to provide assistance.

As chance would have it, Megan reconnected with someone she knew from a decade earlier who had recently started a bottle water company whose proceeds went to support clean water around the world.  Megan and TJ found not only a common passion in water but in each other as well.

Together the married duo runs Humankind selling beverages, doing fundraisers and traveling around the world establishing trusted partners to help them create sustainable clean water sources that are appropriate for the landscape.

Megan continues to be amazed at the turn her life took, just by following her dreams to help others.

To learn more about Megan on her journey and how to get involved in vision trips, check out her website:

Don’t Miss Moments:

–> How Megan got inspired to travel to Haiti as an ICU nurse

–> How Megan turned her travel experience into a business

–> How Humankind Beverage is changing lives around the world

–> How nurses can go on vision trips with Megan

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