How to Think Outside The Box to Find Your Next Great Business Idea

We’ve all heard it said many times before–think outside the box! But what does that mean for the Nurse with the entrepreneurial spirit? How can you think outside the box when the healthcare system is so set in stone? 

When I think of NursePreneurs who are paving the way, I think of Susan Sherer. Susan is the CEO & Founder of Heavenly Hash Creamery, a Cannabis infused ice cream brand that not only has great tasting products, but high-protein and nutritious ice cream that can help cancer patients get the essential nutrients they require. 

But how does such an idea come to pass? For Susan it was a matter of inspiration, meeting the right people, and taking action. As an entrepreneur and nurse, Susan’s determination was instrumental in her business’ success. 

How many great ideas have you had that just lacked follow-through? 

Stepping out on your own as an entrepreneur can be frightening–believe me, I get it! But 90% of your business’ success has to do with your own determination. A great idea will only ever be just that without follow through. 

On the other hand, if you’re a healthcare professional who’s looking for your next great idea, then here are a few tips for thinking outside the box to find that million-dollar business idea. 

Let Her Rip

It seems counterintuitive to aim for quantity, rather than quality. But when you’re thinking outside the box, sometimes the best ideas come from split second and random thoughts. Looking for a great idea? Take 10 minutes and write down as many ideas as you can on a whim. Chances are at least half of them will be decent! 

Successful multi-million dollar businesses such as Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Uber all started from a simple idea. Who knows how many great ideas you’ve got rattling around up there? 

Anchor Your Idea 

While many great businesses have derived from simple ideas, it’s always smart to narrow down parameters of focus. What are your skills? What do you feel passionate about? 

Take some time to think through your top 5 ideas. Just write down whatever you can, even if it doesn’t all make sense at the moment. Sometimes getting it on paper can bring it to life!

Find Inspiration

Inspiration does not always come from conventional thinking patterns. Finding a lucrative business idea, can mean stepping outside your comfort zone. This begins with stimulating your brain to make connections that it normally would not. 

Finding inspiration can look like trying a new activity, playing word games, getting out in nature, or even chatting with people you would not typically interact with. The good ideas are all in there, it just takes some inspiration to lure them out!   

Everyone has good ideas, you just need to think outside the box! 

At NursePreneurs we’re passionate about helping you take your great idea, and creating a profitable business. Understanding that there’s more to the healthcare profession than just working the floor, we help you find your great idea and turn it into cash. 

Contact us today to learn how you can be your own boss and start a profitable and successful business. 
Check out my chat with Susan Sherer here!

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