How To Get Media For Your Nurse Business
How To Get Media For Your Nurse Business

How To Get Media For Your Nurse Business.

Imagine your business was featured all over the media. How would this impact your perceived value on your business?

Media can be leveraged quickly to catapult your business into celebrity status because they have a high volume of traffic and when you’re first starting out, that’s what you’re missing. Your website is missing traffic. And the question is, how do I get more people to find out about me?

One of the most powerful ways that you can do this is through media attention. The problem is most nurses hide from the media or they hide behind their business. So we don’t ever really know who’s running the business. Business owners will put up logos and other barriers, and people don’t know who is running the business. In other words, you don’t get that sense of the story behind the business or why the business owner started it. And those stories are what the media’s looking for.

The other issue is that, just historically with nurses, we tend to shy away from the media. This is because we don’t want to say the wrong thing or something along those lines. However, the media is a huge opportunity for you to establish your story, get people interested in your brand, get them interested in what you’re doing, and it’s a great traffic source. So, if you want millions of people to know exactly what you’re doing, leveraging media is an excellent way to do this.

A great example of this is my student, Gwen. Gwen created and patented a wedge for patients that are bed-bound. She has a wedge called the Backbone Wedge, and she has put out stuff in the media about the wedge in particular. But what I told her to do was to talk more about her why. Why did she create the wedge in the first place? And it turned out that her brother had a spinal cord injury, and that her dad had been in the hospital with pressure sores. She also had worked as a clinical nurse, and she had seen the heartache and the pain that these patients went through when they didn’t have the proper wedge that would have kept the pressure off their pressure sores. For Gwen, her why became so important, that she finally realized that we had written up a story about her and put it out there. The media picked it up like wildfire and Gwen was featured in about a hundred and sixty different media outlets, which was really exciting for her.

In the end, remember that the media wants stories. They don’t want you to come to pitch your product or your service to them. It’s not interesting. Right? What is interesting is, Who you are?  Why you’re doing what you’re doing? In other words, the story behind what you’re doing. If you can find an interesting angle about your story, you can pitch that to the media and there’s a very strong chance of getting featured in the medium.

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