Here are Some Things You Should Know About Functional Medicine

We live in an era where Western Medicine reigns. With a new pill for this and a new prescription for that, most healthcare providers haven’t made room for anything outside opioid treatments–and I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it! 

Discussing the importance of preventative health with Heather Darling left me to ponder the ways in which we could all be doing a better job to stop diseases before they get out of hand. As an APRN and the founder of Raw Inside & Out, Heather has dedicated her life and career to this cause and changes lives one patient at time. 

If you’re not sure about functional medicine’s place in healthcare, then allow me to share some things you should know before making up your mind. 

First, lets start at the beginning– what is functional medicine? 

Functional medicine is a treatment approach that emphasizes reversing disease, pain, and health conditions through diet and lifestyle changes. Rather than skipping directly to prescription drugs, which can be potentially dangerous and addictive, functional medicine takes a personalized stance against disease to prevent illness and help people achieve optimal wellness. 

By going to the root of the cause, rather than putting a band-aid over symptoms, functional medicine addresses the why and can reverse the detrimental effects of illness before they get out of control. 

Some common forms of functional medicine include: 

  • Medicinal Cannabis
  • Chiropractic Medicine
  • Acupuncture 
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Yoga 
  • Tai Chi
  • Health Coaching, etc. 

Still a skeptic? Here are some things you should know about functional medicine: 

  • Biochemics & Genetics 

Functional medicine is more that touchy-feely-mumbo-jumbo. It’s actually quite scientific! Using solid scientific foundations, functional medicine emphasizes your body’s biochemical and genetic responses to illness, rather than attacking the illness itself.

  • Savings 

Living a healthier lifestyle can eliminate the need for frequent visits to the doctor, ultimately saving you time, money, and energy. 

  • Self-Healing 

Your body has the power to heal itself. It is just a matter of tapping into bodily nutrients to combat diseases. From cell repair, liver regeneration, lung restoration, and more, there is overwhelming evidence to support the body’s ability to repair itself and functional medicine can unleash that power.  

  • Control 

The most compelling reason to look into functional medicine is the power it gives you over your own health. By putting you in the driver’s seat you are more engaged in your health and well-being, not relying solely on the doctor to control your wellness. This mutual responsibility can be transformative!  

Functional medicine bridges the gap between traditional healthcare and optimal wellness. If you’re curious about how functional medicine can transform your life visit today! 

Alternatively, if you’re curious about starting your own preventive health practice, get in touch with us at NursePreneurs to learn how to be your own boss! 

Check out my chat with Heather Darling, here

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