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Her One Tribe - Angela Hosking

Angela Hosking is a second career bedside nurse and founder of Her One Tribe, LLC. After working in oncology for over 9 years, Angela went into leadership, where she found she could impact her patient’s lives on an administrative level. 

Moving into a director’s role in Executive Care, Angela gained the skills, confidence, and perspective needed to write her book, Woman On Top: Lead Like a Lady Boss. Seeing the void for a female voice in leadership, Angela impacts lives with her business Her One Tribe through her writing, podcast, speaking, consulting, courses, and more! 

Angela addresses the many challenges of being a nurse and woman in leadership. Encouraging women to take a leap and lead with confidence, Angela hopes to empower women to step outside the box, and rock the boat! 

As women, we’re taught patterns and limitations that shape our lives and career paths. Angela hopes to combat and challenge these distorted thinking patterns and help women create a new identity without limitations.  

To learn more about Angela Hosking and get added to her list of tips & tricks, text the word “EMPOWER” to 66866 or visit https://heronetribe.com/

Don’t Miss These Moments: 

  • Angela’s experience as a bedside nurse & leader 
  • Empowering women to take on leadership roles 
  • Combating distorted thinking patterns & creating a new identity 

Woman On Top: Lead Like a Lady Boss

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