Helping Babies Breathe

Helping Babies Breathe NursePreneur Podcast

Gina Wilson is a family nurse practitioner who had an experience while doing work in Tanzania that would alter her life forever.

After working in the Labor and Delivery unit, she witnessed a situation between a mother and baby, where the healthcare workers took care of a hemorrhaging mother, and didn’t have the resources to care for a baby who was struggling to breathe.  That scenario literally haunted Gina for years and drove her to pursue doctoral studies in births in Africa.

Gina’s research led to her finding a program by the American Academy of Pediatrics called Helping Babies Breathe.  Gina took it upon herself at her own expense to take this program back to Tanzania and implement it.

Gina’s dream is to open a non-profit agency that will fund this cause and help her expand it across the country. She has been lucky to have a nurse practitioner job that allows her to spend extended periods of time doing train the trainer scenarios for midwives across Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania.  She also works as a clinical instructor for Duke University.

Gina also takes students overseas with her to help her implement the program and learn from the healthcare system in Africa.

To connect with Gina, you can email her at: [email protected]

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ Gina’s story that compelled her to do research in the area of birth aphyxia

→ How Gina developed a solution to the problem

→ What it took for Gina to implement the solution through the Ministry of Health

→ Gina’s vision for what this program can become in the future

Also, learn how you can get involved in this program.

The NursePreneur Podcast · Helping Babies Breathe


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