Heavenly Hash Creamery

Heavenly Hash Creamery

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Susan Scherer, the CEO and Founder of Heavenly Hash Creamery. After working as a primary care nurse for nearly a decade, Susan started her first company working with Cancer patients and their families to navigate the aspects of their care. In 2018, she began Heavenly Hash Creamy which derived from the tragedy of personal loss. 

Taking a hiatus from her work, Susan went to a networking event where she connected with an individual who made ice cream. It’s this experience that got her thinking–how can we make a great tasting, high-protein, and refreshing product that cancer patients will enjoy and benefit from? The answer was cannabis-infused ice cream!

As a gluten-free, low lactose, and high-protein ice cream company, her ice cream flavors are available in CBD and non-CBD infused flavors. After dissolving her first company, she focused her efforts on Heavenly Hash Creamery and has been instrumental in making laws and regulations that allow her clients to get a tasty and nutritious treat. 

As a self-taught entrepreneur, Susan understands that continuing cannabis education helps to legitimize her company and keep her patients safe. She also reached out to food scientists and ice cream consultants to help her create an excellent-tasting product that’s also nutritious. Susan hopes to continue to grow her brand and add more high-protein and CBD products. 

Contact Susan and learn more about Heavenly Hash Creamery by visiting https://heavenlyhashcreamery.com/  or call 833-ICE-WEED (833-423-9333) today! 

Don’t Miss These Moments: 

  •  Understanding Cannabis & CBD.
  • Creating great-tasting CBD-infused ice cream. 
  • What’s next for Susan & Heavenly Hash. 

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