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Healing Touch As Medicine NursePreneur Podcast

ita Kluny has been a nurse for a very long time.  Her traditional nursing experience began in the Neonatal Intensive Care.  She explored many modalities in the healing arts, and became certified as a Holistic Nurse and Healing Touch Instructor.  She brings the past of both worlds into her practice by teaching moms, nurses, midwives and grandmothers to understand the world of the infant and seeing life from their point of view.

Rita runs the Healing Touch for Babies workshops for anyone who spends times with babies. She also offers ANCC approved continuing education for nurses and doulas. 

She teaches nationwide – often in hospitals and also out in the community.  You can check out her website for the latest listings.  Rita promises no less than to provide a transformational experience into understanding your own beginnings, and tools that will help you to bring forth the most authentic version of YOU

Finally Rita’s book “Your Baby Remembers: Parenting with a Deep Heart from the Start” is a simple yet profound guide for moms that describes how self care, prenatal bonding, and understand pre and perinatal psychology will make an extraordinary different in their babies for the rest of their lives.

Find out more about Rita on her website: http://healingtouchforbabies.com/

Don’t Miss Moments:

  • Why Rita had to practice energy medicine in secret for many years
  • What Rita does that helps patients to heal
  • How can help babies before birth and all the way up through a person’s lifetime
  • Where you can find Rita and what she is doing next

The NursePreneur Podcast · Healing Energy As Medicine


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