So You Have A Great Idea For a Book, Now What?

Did you know that nearly 80% of Americans have had the desire to write a book at one point or another. Yet less than 1% of Americans actually do? When it comes down to it, the only thing holding yourself back from greatness is you. 

What if you’re not a good writer? What if you can’t organize your ideas? What if you have something to say, but don’t know how to say it? There are a thousand what ifs, but there’s always a way around them 

If you’re struggling, then hire a ghostwriter. That’s what our podcast guest Dani Williamson did. Author of Wild & Well: Dani’s Six Commonsense Steps to Radical Healing, Dani sat down with a ghostwriter and watched her ideas come to life. 

Whether you’re hoping to write your own integrative health guide, memoirs of working in home care, or hiring a ghostwriter to do it for you, the principles of getting started are the same. Read on for some practical advice for writing your first book…

Just Do It 

Whether you need to hire a ghostwriter or you have a gift for words, the best practice is to just do it! To conquer hurdles you need to jump, and the same is true for getting your ideas on paper. If you need a helping hand the first step may be talking to Google and searching for a reputable ghostwriter. If you want to go it alone, then set yourself up with a daily writing plan. Commit one hour per day to write, and your first draft will be finished in no time. 

Outline, Outline, Outline 

Writing a book can be overwhelming–believe me, I know! The best way to organize your thoughts and write a book that actually makes sense is to create an outline. Sticking with an outline helps you strengthen your bottom line and keep you on track. This step is particularly important if you’re writing your book without the help of a ghostwriter. 

Phone a Friend

Once your book is fine-tuned and you’re happy with the outcome, it’s time to phone a friend–literally. Get someone you know and trust to read your book. Be open to feedback and different perspectives, you never know what someone may point out. You can also have a professional editor look over your work. They are bound to provide you with the best feedback, as it’s their job to do so! 

Once you’ve completed steps 1-3 it’s time to start looking for a publisher, which is a ballgame of its own. You can also choose the self-publish path, depending on what’s right for you. 

Whether your book is a bestseller or not, the accomplishment is getting it finished, and of that you can always be proud. 

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent Van Gogh

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