Guest Speakers, Webinars, & Your Brand: Tips & Tricks
Guest Speakers, Webinars, & Your Brand: Tips & Tricks

Guest Speakers, Webinars, & Your Brand: Tips & Tricks. Entering the digital era, we’ve had to change the way we engage with our clients. Currently, with the pandemic sweeping the nations, now is the time to captivate your audience through virtual webinars. 

Acting as brand reinforcement to grow your business, guest speakers bring value and perspective, fortifying your brand and giving you exclusive content to share with an attentive audience. This powerful lead magnet proves effective in providing your audience with invaluable education and practical advice they can’t get anywhere else. 

Benefits of hosting guest speakers on webinars:

  • Expert speakers improve the credibility of your brand
  • Guest speakers give you exclusive content and education for your clients
  • Webinars provide your brand with a diverse selection of topics 
  • Guest speakers offer fresh perspective on medical topics

Hiring guest speakers to share their knowledge and expertise is a great way to entice and engage potential clients. Through relevant and thought-provoking content you can connect with your audience in an entirely new way. Here are some tips & tricks for finding and hiring expert speakers for your webinars! 

Laying the Foundation 

Did you know that there are several types of webinars? From education, lead generation, client retention, product demonstration, and more, you need to establish the overall objective of your webinar before getting started.  

From there you need to decide how you want to share content. Some common ways to format webinars are: 

  • Live Streams– Live streams are a popular and interactive way to host webinars. Providing viewers with exclusive, live content tends to produce more engagement.
  •  Pre-Recorded Episodes– Pre-recorded episodes takes pressure off of your guest speakers and allows viewers to access content at any time. 
  • Chat Features- Chat features, such as text boxes, allow your viewers to engage in real time to ask the host relevant questions. 
  • Surveys– Surveys and polls are a great way for you to hear back from your audience and keep them on their toes during webinars.

Once you’ve established your objectives and how you want to format your webinars, it’s time to find your guest speakers! 

Finding Speakers 

Finding your guest speakers is perhaps the most challenging aspect of hosting webinars. You need to keep the content fresh and unique, but once you’ve exhausted your immediate options you have to get creative to find guest speakers. 

In my recent interview with the director of The Paediatric Nurse Erica Donovan, Erica shares her advice on how to find guest speakers to generate engaging content. Donovan shares her strategy of reaching out to speakers on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, Instagram etc. She also mentions how word of mouth has provided them with invaluable content for their webinars. 

With 40+ webinars currently uploaded, The Paediatric Nurse knows a thing or two about providing viewers with unique content and finding the right experts to do so. 

Compensating Experts 

If you’re just launching your business, then you might not be excited about compensating guest speakers–I get it! 

However, providing guest speakers with compensation acknowledges the work that speakers are putting into sharing their expertise, and recognizes the value of the education they are providing your brand. In fact, Erica Donovan mentions that it’s “disingenuous” to not pay speakers, advising that business owners offer at least some sort of compensation to guest experts. 

Although many platforms find speakers for free, providing compensation is key in showing your guest speakers that you value what they have to say, and gives them ownership over the content that they share. 

Working in the healthcare world we have endless resources, knowledge, and talent at our fingertips. Now’s the time to tap into that talent to grow your brand, reach your target audience, and offer your clients invaluable content.  

For more tips, tricks, and advice, check out my podcast and connect with me on social media! 

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