Growth Mindset: Do You Have Rotten Apples in Your Barrel?
Growth Mindset: Do You Have Rotten Apples in Your Barrel?

Growth Mindset: Do You Have Rotten Apples in Your Barrel?

I think we all know just how challenging a start-up can be. From figuring out the due diligence to licensing, marketing, budgeting, and so on, you’ve got a lot on your plate. 

While starting your business can be a challenge, it’s also an exciting time full of positive changes and hope. But there’s nothing that can put a damper on your start-up like hiring a rotten apple. 

Just as the saying goes, a rotten apple spoils the barrel. The same goes for hiring a teammate that doesn’t uphold your vision and values. Even if the candidate is the perfect match on paper, their attitude in the workplace can affect your growing business and in some cases, set you back.  

Emily Cosgrove knows a thing or two about hiring teammates that help her business flourish. As an RN and the founder of Tailored Home Care, Emily has grown her business exponentially over the last three years, with multiple locations throughout North Carolina. 

While she accredits SEO marketing for a recent spike in her success, Emily mentions in our discussion that hiring a team of professionals that are like-minded is her most successful strategy for ensuring success–and growing to over 70 employees in the last three years, we should all take note! 

When it comes down to it, mindset is everything, and if your team isn’t on the same page, especially in those start-up days, then it can stunt the growth of your company. Here are some tips on hiring a team of workers with a growth mindset: 

  • Ask The Right Questions

The screening process is key when selecting the right workers. You can learn a lot about someone’s values and mindset by simply asking them genuine questions. Gauging their answers, you can get a good idea of the kind of worker that they’re going to be and if their personality and ethic is a good fit for your startup.

  • Check The Boxes 

While having all the necessary credentials isn’t always the most important aspect of hiring a new worker, it’s essential that your candidate meets the appropriate qualifications for the job. 

  • Diversity Matters 

While all of your workers should have a growth mindset, not all of your workers should be exactly the same. It takes diversity to add value to your growing team. The diversity of skill sets, personality, and viewpoints can add an invaluable perspective that’s vital to growing your startup. 

Having a good team of workers behind you is a crucial part of a successful startup! If you’ve got some rotten apples in the barrel then don’t be afraid to clean up shop, so you can push forward with a growth mindset! 

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