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Sara Fung started the Gritty Nurse podcast with her partner Amie after several frustrations within the nursing profession.  They felt like they needed an outlet and soon found out other nurses needed it too.  Sara’s has background as obstetrics nurse who also worked in the neonatal unit.  She worked bedside for over 8 years and then transferred into nursing leadership.

She wanted to be able to share her experiences and found that new nurses, student nurses and experienced nurses alike enjoyed hearing them as well.  Getting set up in a podcast was relatively easy because she didn’t depend on expensive equipment, but being consistent and persistent was the hardest part.  

The podcast has released almost 30 episodes to date which Sara and Amie either do together or they invite guests to participate in their discussions.  Sara has found the podcast has opened incredible opportunities to connect with people she would not have otherwise come into contact with including a politician, nurses in business and leadership.

While monetization is the not the focus of this passion project, as the audience grows and the podcast takes on a life of its own, Sara and Amie are exploring various business models.

Sara’s advice to nurses who want to get started in business or just be heard – “Just start.  Don’t wait for things to be perfect.”  At NursePreneurs we can’t agree more – get out there and just say what you need to say and don’t worry about monetizing, worry about finding your audience and the rest will come!

To find out more about Sara and The Gritty Nurse Podcast, check out the latest episode on The NursePreneur Podcast:

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Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How Sara decided to start the Gritty Nurse Podcast

→ How Sara has time to juggle the podcast, her kids, work and side hustle

→ Sara’s message for getting a podcast up and running

→ Why the podcast was so important for Sara and Amie to launch

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