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Getting Nurses In Media NursePreneur Podcast

Barbara Glickstein is a public health nurse, health reporter and media strategist.  She is the founder of Barbara Glickstein Strategies, a training company in media, leadership and advocacy skills. 

She also produces HealthCetera, a podcast that provides evidence-based health news, analysis and commentary; trains national leaders in healthcare on how to be a media maker in both traditional and digital media to advance the health of the public and public policy and serves on the Board of Project Kesher, a global Jewish feminist women’s advocacy organization.

Barbara is the type of nurse who is comfortable pioneering new forefronts in nursing.  She decided to create a documentary on nursing in the 1980s, which spurred her love of media, broadcasting and radio.  

She is a fierce advocate of nurses and allowing them to shine in the media.  As Barbara says, the stories of nurses move us forward and elevate the profession.  Journalists who use nurses as sources say their news pieces are better, more interesting and more comprehensive.

To encourage nurses in the media, Barbara holds media workshops at various times during the year.  You can sign up to be notified for the next workshop by going to her website:

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ Why Barbara started her documentary series

→ How she got into the media

→ Why nurses need to be in the media

→ How Barbara helps nurses to be heard and visible with journalists around the globe

The NursePreneur Podcast · Getting Nurses Into Media


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