Get Out of Your Own Way: Pushing Through External Circumstances to Find Success
Get Out of Your Own Way: Pushing Through External Circumstances to Find Success

Get Out of Your Own Way: Pushing Through External Circumstances to Find Success.

I’ve always said that 99% of your business problems are personal, and honestly, nothing could be closer to the truth. When you’re starting your business there are endless moving pieces and external circumstances that give you an excuse not to get off the ground. 

When these circumstances come knocking you have two choices, give in, or push forward

Nurse Coach/RN Laura Minard knows a thing or two about starting a successful business. Not only has she pushed through her own external circumstances to establish her business, but she also helps other nurses get their coaching practices off the ground through coaching, mentorships, and apprenticeship programs. 

From door to door advertising to finding your confidence, Coach Laura addresses the hardships that new business owners face, as she gives her clients a blueprint to success, which includes getting over external circumstances. 

But what external circumstances are we talking about here?  

External circumstances quite literally are defined as “something on the outside of a surface or body”. My not-so-textbook definition is any challenge that acts as an obstacle and/or an excuse to not succeed. 

External circumstances come in all shapes and sizes. From financial hardships to worrying about medical benefits, or who’s going to watch the kids while you’re off starting a business, anything that makes you say I can’t is an external circumstance. 

But like Coach Laura mentions, if you push through you will eventually find success. Whether it’s one month or one year, perseverance goes a long way and can mean the difference between a successful business and a pipe dream. 

If you’re having trouble getting out of your own way to find success, then take heed of these tips that can increase your capacity to push through your external circumstances: 

  • Be honest with yourself and recognize when you’re playing the victim.
  • Try to pinpoint the underlying emotions that are telling you can’t achieve your goals. 
  • Commit to dominating your external circumstances.  
  • Make a plan for success that includes practical solutions. 
  • Take the leap and trust in your abilities. 

Should we be mindful of external circumstances? Absolutely! But you can’t let them stop you from achieving your dreams. Sure, it could mean a little extra work and effort on your part, but when it’s all said and done, your persistence will pay off.
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