4 Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter
Four Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter

4 Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter. Did you know that the most powerful form of advertisement for your business is word of mouth? That’s right!  In fact, word of mouth referrals are so effective that they’re said to bring in 5x more sales than paid advertising methods. 

However, in the digital world that we live in, we depend on the tools at our fingertips to get the word out there about our businesses. So when word of mouth meets the digital world, you have to rely on online reviews to drive the right traffic to your site, and ultimately win over new clients.

Studies show that a significant number of consumers value online recommendations with the same weight as personal referrals.  

Just think about it. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant that had bad reviews on Yelp, would you? Nor would you book a hotel that had no reviews on Google. 

The bottom line, reviews matter, and here’s why:

  • Free Advertising

Businesses, especially new businesses, spend a significant amount of their revenue on online marketing. But what if you could win over new clients and save money?

Online reviews act as free advertising for your business and can be more effective than expensive and time-consuming digital marketing strategies like PPC, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, etc. 

  • Ranking 

Your online ranking matters. Did you know that Google uses your business reviews to determine your ranking on user searches? 

Applying the principles of quality, rating, and quantity, Google can bump your site to the top of searches, giving you a competitive advantage and acting as a free and effectual SEO strategy to improve your ranking. 

  • Brand Recognition

You can strengthen your brand identity by engaging with reviewers online, setting yourself apart from businesses who leave reviews unread. 

Adding a personal touch to your responses gives you the opportunity to let your business shine and express your brand personality on a public platform. Responding to your reviewers doesn’t take long, but can go a long way in building brand recognition. 

  • Broaden Your Reach 

The inner circle of trust of online users is constantly expanding. Meaning, one good review from a stranger online can significantly impact a client’s decision to give you their business. The same way, one negative review can tarnish your reputation and deter potential customers. 

Putting the power in the reviewers hands can be risky. But the online community trusts authentic experiences, broadening your reach in a vast, ever-growing virtual space. 

People pay attention to what’s happening online. Whether you know it or not, online reviews matter! They can make or break your business. 

When positive experiences meet satisfied clients, don’t be afraid to ask for reviews! Jot it down on a notecard and add it to your website, send clients the link to review your business, be proactive about collecting client reviews

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