Five Things that Artists and Entrepreneurs Have in Common

Have you ever been told that there is no money in art? Do you think of artists as struggling or poor? Have you ever sacrificed your dream of being an artist for a more stable job? 

Artists and dreamers have it rough in this world. It is not always easy to make money by using your talents. But just because it is not always easy, does not mean that making money as an artist is impossible. 

Take Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN for example. As the founder of SJF Communications, Susan has found a way to not only use her extensive experience as a healthcare worker but her natural talents as an artist to create a communications conglomerate. 

Through SJF Communications, Susan offers a wide range of services that includes but is not limited to legal nurse consulting, media relations, marketing, photography, website design, social media management, mentorship, filmmaking, and more. 

Rather than focusing on one aspect of her creativity, Susan has developed a successful business by using all of her talents and embracing change to learn new skills based on her clients needs. By creating her own opportunities, Susan has proven to us that artists and dreamers can create successful businesses if the drive is there. 

Are you an artist with an entrepreneurial spirit? You are not alone. In fact, there are many things that artists and entrepreneurs have in common, which is exactly why artists make excellent entrepreneurs. 

Here are five things that artists and successful entrepreneurs have in common: 

  1. Creativity– Both entrepreneurs and artists alike tap into their creative side to overcome challenges. 
  2. Intuition– Following your gut instincts not only makes you an excellent artist, but can help you become a successful business owner. 
  3. Meticulous– Entrepreneurs and artists are meticulous about their work and labor diligently to ensure that they are putting their best foot forward. 
  4. Purpose– The goal of both entrepreneurs and artists is to create something of purpose that is not only useful but evokes emotions. 
  5. Reputation– Having a good reputation is a priority that both entrepreneurs and artists share.

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