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Every modern business needs a website. From solo artists to international corporations, the website is the first place everyone looks for information. As a nurse providing independent services, a website is just part of reaching your local patients. Indeed, your website serves as both your online storefront and a place for clients, students, patients, and employees to access directly with a quick login. Thus, your website design should aptly reflect your practice.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or building a team, your site should usher in new clients and smoothly help returning patients. Built correctly, your website can become a service portal, a webinar launcher, an appointment booking service, and even a hiring portal. Most entrepreneurs are not, themselves, web designers which means choosing a web design service to work with. The more tailored your website is to your type of business, the better.

Today, we’re diving into the basics of website design for nurse entrepreneurs.

The Website Machine

Always start with a working website framework. Consider website design like remodeling a house. If the bones are good, you can build a compelling business website that reliably serves clients and processes data. Your website should be structurally sound and cybersecure. The more tailored your website structure is to the type of service you’re offering, the better.

Part of the value of working with a web designer is the expertise in website basics. The developer ensures that your website is rock-solid and built in a way that naturally supports design for your type of business.

When the website machine works, it becomes the canvas for your brand and service design.

Building a Brand

  • Color Palette
  • Template
  • Letterhead
  • Logo
  • Icon

In website design, the brand is reflected visually in every asset. Every menu and button, every page, and every panel of information. The color palette is essential for unifying the design of every page. The template is your unity of design through asset similarity. Your goal in brand design is to give your site personality and to make it memorable. You want people who click over from a Google search to instantly know what you’re about, how they feel in response, and to remember when they click away.

Your Logo Design

Your logo is the ‘face’ of your brand and ideally what people remember immediately. The logo of your nurse business should reflect your color scheme and brand personality. The symbols themselves should convey meaning and the exact form is yours to choose.

Choose a logo that represents the personality and message of your brand. This could be your favorite animal, a caduceus variant, or outlines of abstract geometry. All that matters is that it represents your service and brand personality.

Craft a Letterhead

From the logo and color scheme, design your letterhead. This is how your website presents the company name in a readable yet highly branded way.

With the color palette and logo, derive a small icon and a long letterhead that reflect your branding designs. Write out the full name of your brand, or the name to be used conversationally, in a brand-designed way. Use this image as your letterhead for both the website and branded templates in the future.

Shrink an Icon

The icon could be used as a favicon (browser tab icon) or a mobile icon. It should be a small, square, and pixel-recognizable design. The icon is usually derived from the logo or the letterhead design to make it memorable.

Show Your Personality

Cropped shot of a female web developer working on responsive website design on her tablet.

As a NursePreneur, your personality will guide the business. Your values will shape what you do and how it’s done. Solo or with a team, you are the heart of your brand. So, show your personality.

Use your own inspiration and the mood you will create with your practice to guide the design. If you are a bright and vibrant person, choose bold colors in your palette. If you are a quiet personality offering a gentle experience, consider patel colors and creams in your design instead. Reflect nature if you emphasize natural practices or try a water theme if you have always felt like an aquatic force.

Create a User Experience

Every website design creates a user experience. Where do your online visitors go from the homepage? How do they navigate or find what they need, or casually research until they are satisfied? Each user path is a path that you can predict and plan for. Consider the basic menu: “About”, “Services”, “Blog”, “Contact”. These are paths that users are encouraged to take. They also make it easy for most users to find what they are looking for.

Consider how your website visitors experience the site and build that experience. Create funnels that direct users to your desired conclusion, like booking an appointment, consultation, or webinar seat. From there, move on to visual design.

Use your brand to design every page in the site and consider how the designs flow from one to the next. Use the same design-template for any page that fits into the same category, like service pages, blog pages, and product pages.

Provide menus and breadcrumbs to help website visitors find where they want to go next. If you offer a variety of things, consider a small, effective search function.

Integrate Online Booking

Online booking isn’t just a feature, you will want to shape how it works. Consider what clients can book through your website. Are you offering appointments, webinar lessons, or full-shift services? For each item that a website visitor could choose, you will want to create a funnel and a working tool they can book/purchase through. From there, you design each page they pass through as part of each funnel.

You Could Be Booking:

  • Patient Appointments
  • Webinar Lesson Seats
  • Scheduled Services
  • Full Shift Services
  • Consultations
  • Therapy Sessions

Online booking can be a separate and integrated feature or built natively into your website design. The right choice varies depending on your business model and existing technology. Primarily, the tools on the website must connect with any business booking software you are using. This ensures appointments are kept and the machine runs smoothly.

Get Personally Involved

Last and most important, get involved in your website design and become a part of it. By talking to your website designer, you can ensure your brand most closely matches your personality. By getting your hands into the website as it forms, you will also understand it better as you take over. You can become a more attentive and ready service provider through the website’s chat, email, and booking interfaces.

DesignByNursePreneurs.com can help you get started with a website that is hand-tailored to your nursing and entrepreneurial needs. From booking webinars to booking patients, you can build your private business with effective functionality and brand-tailored design. Contact us to explore your entrepreneur website design options.

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