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Kimble Walters, MSN is no stranger to the surgical world.  She has been in perioperative services for over a decade. She has seen first hand the problem of same-day surgery and patients who are going home who are ill-equipped to care for themselves (or be cared for by a friend).

Kimble knew she wanted to create a concierge nurse business but struggled on how she should focus, price her services and network with potential partners.  Once she was able to navigate the business + marketing aspect, she was ready to start

You can find out more about Kimble on her newly designed website: https://eliteconciergenurses.com/

Don’t Miss Moments:

  • How the idea to start a concierge nursing business came to Kimble
  • Why she believed that this model would serve her patients better
  • How focus and determination helped build her path to starting a successful company
  • Marketing techniques Kimble used to get appointments with surgeon offices
  • Kimble’s vision for her business

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