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Mary Turner is a veteran of the Air Force who started her own business in the Medical Staffing Agency business in Houston, TX.  She quickly grew to be the third largest agency in her area and was the envy of other small businesses.  Except for the fact that her instant success and uncontrolled growth came with a heavy price tag.  Unable to sustain the growth, Mary went back to nursing as a recruiter.  She was hired to recruit nurses into the hospital system and out recruited seasoned HR recruiters 9 to 1.  She then became the Director of Healthcare Recruitment, but she had the “itch” to do her own business.

Despite her experience with her first business, Mary went full steam ahead with starting a CPR business.  She leverage her experience in the Staffing Agency business to move slowly, cautiously and purposefully.  Within 2 years, she had put together a business providing CPR services across the country.

Realizing that she had a special gift for helping others to start their business as well, Mary became a certified E-Myth coach through the E-Myth methodology, which teaches small business owners that structure is everything.  By creating structure and working “on” your business and not “in” your business is the key message Mary brings to her clientele.

Working with entrepreneurs and nurses, Mary also saw the burnout occurring, so she started a nurse retreat program that happens once a year.  Again, with her business and marketing expertise, Mary was easily able to sell out 40 spots in her Nurse Retreat programs.

To learn more about how Mary can help you in your business, check out her website:

www.CoachRN.com or www.NurseRetreats.com

You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How Mary became an instant overnight success with a Staffing Agency

→ Why Mary’s success led to business failure

→ The way Mary leveraged business failure to succeed in launching several other successful businesses

→ Why Mary calls herself a catalyst for life transformation and how that can help you

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