Create a Nursing Website in Less than an Hour!
Blog Post - Creating Your Nursing Website

Create a Nursing Website in Less than an Hour! 

If you are a nurse entrepreneur of any kind, then you need a health care website–there is no way around it! Whether you own an IV hydration business, legal nurse consulting company, concierge nursing business, or any other type of healthcare business, you need to make waves on the healthcare web to establish brand awareness and find new clients. 

If for some reason you think that having a nursing website isn’t for you, then think again! Every nurse entrepreneur needs a business healthcare website, and here’s why:

  • Your healthcare website is an anchor for your business marketing. 
  • Nursing websites promote your services and/or products. 
  • Nurse websites enable you to stay relevant in a competitive market. 
  • Business health care websites help you establish credibility. 
  • Your nurse website connects you with new leads and potential clients. 
  • Healthcare website development can be done in-house. 

When it comes to healthcare website development there are several ways to get your health care website up and running. While hiring a professional healthcare website development service is not a bad idea, it is not always realistic for nurse entrepreneurs on a budget. 

If you are tech savvy and want to save money on potentially costly healthcare website development then you can always do it yourself! Yes, you read that right! You can not only develop your own nursing website yourself, but in some cases you can develop your healthcare website in just an hour! 

If the thought of creating your nurse website yourself is a big no, then stop here and get in touch with our team who has vast experience in healthcare website development and design.

But if developing nursing websites in an hour or less appeals to you, read on for your step-by-step guide to healthcare website development! 

Step 1: Choose Your Platform


First thing is first, you need to choose a platform for your nursing website that you can build on. If you truly wish to develop your healthcare website in an hour or less you are going to need to pick a platform that does most of the work for you. 

Or in simpler terms, you should probably choose WordPress.

WordPress is not only where most health care websites are developed, it is where nearly half of all websites are built, healthcare web or not, almost everyone is using WordPress for website development. 

As a highly accessible website platform, WordPress requires no coding knowledge at all–anyone could do it! Another great thing about developing nursing websites on WordPress are all of the available plugins that can be easily incorporated into your healthcare website. 

Step 2: Choose Your Host & Domain


Once you’ve decided on your platform then it’s time to find a website hosting company that supports it, Hosting companies rent out web servers that store nursing websites. 

The host that you choose for your healthcare web server has a direct impact on the performance of your healthcare website. So choose wisely! 

In terms of your domain that refers to the website URL or address. Note that your domain needs to be unique to your business and can not be the same as another business on the web. 

Step 3: Install WordPress & Pick a Theme


Once you have WordPress installed it’s time to pick a theme for your health care website. Themes refer to the style sheets and templates that give your website a custom look.

Note that investing in premium themes can be fruitful, especially if you want an additional layer of support when troubleshooting website issues. 

If you are more interested in getting your nurse website up and running quickly it might be best to go with a free theme for the time being. You can always change your health care website theme later on! 

Step 4: Make Web Pages


And just like that you have a nurse website! But no website is complete without web pages! Take some time to create thoughtful content that matches your brand and vision and once that’s done you can turn that content into website pages for your site. 

For the sake of time it is always a good idea to have content development beforehand that you can pop into your website.

A basic health care website will include Home, About, Services, and Contact pages. Remember that as time goes on you can always add website pages to your nursing website. Usually nurse entrepreneurs choose to flesh out the content of the services into separate pages.

Other optional nursing website content pages include FAQs pages, Resources pages, Blog pages, etc. This depends completely on your needs and preferences. 

Step 5: Install Plugins 


You can take your basic nurse website to the next level with plugins that enable you to add a number of useful features that help your website stand out in the healthcare web. 

For example, if you are not completely happy with the way your basic WordPress site has turned out, you may want to invest in a plugin like Elementor that enables you to customize each aspect of your pages, including the layout designs! 

Other useful plugins include Yoast, WooCommerce, TuneFish, etc.

Step 6: Fin! 


After fulfilling steps 1-5 your nursing website should be complete! 

But just because you have built your healthcare website in an hour doesn’t mean that you should! After all the steps have been completed you probably need to go back and put in hours of TLC to ensure that your business healthcare website is built out professionally. 

If at any point you get lost along the way don’t be afraid to take to YouTube or employ the help of an experienced healthcare website development team to give you a hand– believe us, it’s worth it! 

Why NursePreneurs?


At NursePreneurs we set you up for business success. Through coaching, courses, and workshops we help you get your business off the ground so you can start earning more and experience the freedom you deserve as a business owner. 

While we can’t guarantee that your nursing websites will be finished in an hour with our team, we do guarantee your satisfaction with our healthcare websites that are custom designed and developed by our team of skilled professionals. 

If you are skilled in nurse websites, then you may want to let the professionals take the reins, and we are happy to do so! 

Even if you opt to do your own healthcare website development, we help you with the other important aspects of your business such as finding vendors, setting up social media, developing systems, documentation, and more. 

Are you ready to become a NursePreneur? Contact us today or book a discovery call to learn more about our DIY and do-it-for-you Impact program that puts you on the fast track to business success! 

Now’s the time to achieve your goals! Now’s the time to become a nurse entrepreneur! 

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