I had spent a lot of money on an expensive program, but they didn't teach any marketing. So I hired an expensive marketing firm. But then NursePreneurs helped me to devise an organic marketing plan that worked even better!
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Gifty Aidoo, RN
Paradigm Infusions
NursePreneurs was amazing. I really thought working with NursePreneurs was going to be a $5-10k product. I couldn't get my money out fast enough and it's been worth every penny and more
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Gigi Elizee, RN
I knew immediately that NursePreneurs was the answer. I struggled with getting leads, and this was just so obvious. I finally have the answer I've spent so much to find (for so little)
Gwen Jewell, RN
Bedsore Rescue
I feel so lucky to have found NursePreneurs. I didn't know what I was doing for so long, but now having this community back me up is beyond what I could have asked for.
Jill Weberding NursePreneur Coach
Jill Weberding, RN
Nurse Assure
NursePreneurs is so passionate and real. The value of this program should be many thousands and thousands of dollars. This program is literally changing my life
Gail Weatherill, RN
The Dementia Nurse