Remarkable Concierge Nursing In Mexico

Concierge Nursing In Mexico NursePreneur Podcast

Remarkable Concierge Nursing in Mexico

Valerie Therrien is a nurse from French Canada.  When the opportunity arose for she and her family to move to the Mexican Riveria, they jumped on it.  That was 7 years ago.  Valerie, her husband and her two girls moved without knowing the language.  When Valerie’s girls quickly became fluent she realized they were staying put,  she decided to put some effort into learning the language.

Being able to communicate in Spanish opened up an opportunity for Valerie who missed working as a nurse.  She went through the daunting task of getting a nursing license in Mexico, which took her almost 2 years, multiple trips to Mexico City and an astounding amount of paperwork.

While she was waiting for the license to come through, Valerie wasted no time in getting to know her network – other doctors, nurses and allied health.  She realized there was an opportunity to work as a freelance nurse in this area.  She spent the time waiting handing out business cards and keeping her audience informed of her progress.

By the time Valerie got her nursing license in Mexico, she already had referrals coming into her.  She now practices Concierge Nursing in Mexico, provides nursing consultations and does IV Hydration.

Valerie overcame obstacles that would have stopped most people including getting a license abroad in a language she didn’t know in a country where she knew no one.

Her can do attitude is a testament to the amazing work of nurses around the world, who just aren’t willing to accept a “no” or “you can’t do that”.

To find out more about Valerie find her Concierge Nursing (if you happen to need her while on vacation in Mexico), check out her website at:

You can find her on Instagram: @nursevaleriapdc

Facebook: /nursevaleriaplayadelcarmentulum

Whatsapp:  +52 1 984 593 8128

Don’t Miss Moments:

–> How Valerie knew she could start a business and practicing Concierge Nursing in Mexico

–> How Valerie found patients easily

–> What services Valerie is able to offer

–> Plan Valerie has for the future of her business

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