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Coram Deo Holistic Center

$31,984 From My First Webinar With Catie

Lisa Miller Hedin, RN

I train medical professionals in cannabis so that they can provide the education their clients need in making appropriate choices.

“Catie set up my marketing funnel, so when I launched my cannabis certificate program I generated over $30,000 from a one hour webinar!  I’ve never experienced anything like this before..”

Focused Messaging Brings In Clients

Gifty Aidoo, FNP, RN

I help people with refractory depression, anxiety, pain and PTSD find relief with ketamine infusions.

“NursePreneurs gave me focus when I was all over the place.  They guided me in a process that now brings in clients”.

5 - Figure Webinar Working With Catie

Joe Flores, JD, FNP, RN

I am a lawyer and I teach nurses how to become successful legal nurse consultants.

“Catie said she wanted to help me reach more nurses, but I had no idea we were going to launch a 5-figure webinar!  Catie set up everything for me and now I have an evergreen funnel with consistent income”.

I'm Just Starting Out And Know I'm In the Right Place

Jessica Ruane, RN

I teach parents whose children have medically complex issues how to navigate the system and make choices in alternative therapies when it’s appropriate. (under development)

“My business idea is just at the beginning stages and I see there is lots to do, but Catie and NursePreneurs has given me the vision to pursue my dream and not back away..”

Confused Messaging To Hospital Contracts

Gwen Jewell, RN

I eliminate pressure injuries with my patented and revolutionary Backbone Wedge.

“Hitting 20k in sales was a milestone I thought I would never reach, but now we’ve reset our expectations.  The marketing support I received from NursePreneurs made this possible.” 

Just Got Out There And Did A Webinar

Bryony Mccord RN

I help people dealing with grief to process their feelings and emotions so they can release them without storing the problems within their bodies.

“When I met Catie she told me I should hold space for nurses during the COVID crisis.  Within hours she had a webinar set up, an email funnel and nurses waiting to speak with me.  It was amazing!”

From Wandering In Nursing To Business Freedom

Aimee Walsh, ACNP, RN

Concierge Nurse Business for postoperative patients.

“I was completely lost when I found NursePreneurs.  I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t stay in the hospital.  Catie helped me find my passion in a business and grow into this space.”

Jill Weberding NursePreneur Coach

From "I Don't Do Sales" To Big Corporate Contracts

Jill Weberding, RN

I create educational materials for oncology professionals and cancer patients by simplifying information provided.

“I tried to start a business for years, but I needed the support and guidance that I got from Catie and especially the NursePreneurs community.  They kept me going long past the point where I would have given up. And my reward – my first big corporate contract!”

$23,000 From One Webinar Leveraging NursePreneurs

Irene Ogongo, RN

I implement quality improvement projects in hospitals and change in facilities across Africa.

“Catie encouraged me to do a webinar to raise money for my business.  I have never done anything like this before. But I trusted her. I told my story and through Catie’s list, I was able to raise $23,000 with a single webinar.  I’ve never generated anything close to that before.”

Confusion To Clarity By Focusing On Expertise

Brandi Funk, FNP, RN

I help women in remission from breast cancer to start leading healthy lives through lifestyle changes to reduce the possibility of recurrence. 

“I had no idea what I was doing in a business.  I am so thankful I found Catie and NursePreneurs.  Catie helped me identify my passion and create the business of my dreams.”

Your Network Becomes Your Net Worth

Christal Parker, FNP, RN

I bring awareness to burnout, depression and suicide in nurses through speaking and workshops and through discussions on my podcast – This Is Nursing.

“This business would not exist without NursePreneurs.  Catie introduced me to nurses I would not have otherwise met who have all changed the direction of my business and my life.”

Many Business Ideas To Actually Launching

Rochelle Reyes, RN

Concierge Nurse Business for postoperative patients. 

“I was terrified to start my business.  I also knew I needed a push. I had thought of many opportunities in the past but never followed through with any of them.  NursePreneurs kept me on track and accountable for moving forward.”