Chronic Care Leaders

Podcast with chronic care leaders and catie harris

Our guests Meredith & Irina are nurses, chronic care management experts, teachers, and entrepreneurs who saw the disconnect between resources for chronic patients and proper care. Meeting through the NursePreneurs network, Meredith and Irina joined forces to coordinate care for patients, now teaching other nurses how to start their own CCM businesses! 

While most physicians are spread thin, spending an average of 11 minutes with each patient only, there’s a huge need for healthcare professionals to take on CCM roles. Through chronic care management courses, Meredith and Irina teach nurse entrepreneurs to fill in the gaps to coordinate additional care for chronic patients. 

Meredith and Irina help their students learn the backend of the business including training on marketing and networking to find clients. They also help their students keep a positive mindset in the face of rejection, helping them persist when the going gets tough. 

Giving students all the tools needed for success, Meredith and Irina are looking for hardworking nurses that are ready to take the reins and put in the work to learn the ins and outs of CCM. To learn more about CCM courses register through our webinar or connect on Facebook at

Don’t Miss These Moments: 

  • How Meredith & Irina joined forces 
  • Why chronic care management matters. 
  • Chronic care management program. 
  • Join the course! 

Want to be our guest on the NursePreneur Podcast?  We are looking for NursePreneurs who are living their passion in their business.

We want to inspire nurses to be like you.  If you are an experienced NursePreneur, making an impact on the world and helping others, then we would love to chat!

Before applying, you should have a website and a successful business model.  No MLM or businesses that “tripled your income and got you out of nursing”, we want nurses who are proud to be in nursing.


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