Podcast Episode Sept 22 with Charleen Soloman

Arise Health Care Products

Have you ever had a million dollar idea? Our guest Charleen Solomon has and she’s here to tell us about it!  Charleen is the founder and inventor of Arise Health Care Products, a company that provides innovative Hospice Care pads/products that enable caregivers to fulfill Q2 protocols, all while reducing strain and motion injuries. With …

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Podcast episode with Catie Harris and Stephaney Edwards

SELNA Consulting, LLC

Are you ready to learn the secrets to becoming a LNC with six-figure success? Well get ready because this podcast episode is going to share some secrets on how to do just that!   Our guest Stephaney Edwards is the founder of SELNA Consulting, LLC. Discovering legal nurse consulting later on in her nursing career, Stephaney …

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Podcast episode with Catie Harris and Whende Carroll

Nurse Evolution

Our guest Whende Carroll is a board-certified nurse informaticist and founder of Nurse Evolution, “a mission-based information hub guiding nurses to catalyze the health IT landscape” to optimize patient health and advanced nursing practice.  After accumulating experience in the informatics industry, Whende had the opportunity to be a part of a start-up where she used …

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The Remote Nurse Coach

Today we sat down with Lara Zavalza, founder of The Remote Nurse Coach. Popularly known as Nomad Nurse Z, Lara helps nurses leave the bedside and explore the world of opportunities that await them in the remote nursing world. From telehealth to case management, and everything in between, Lara helps nurses bring their visions to …

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Medical Legal Concepts

Medical Legal Concepts

This week on the NursePreneurs Podcast we sat down with Dr. Rachel Henderson of Medical Legal Concepts. With nearly four decades working as a nurse, Dr. Henderson has vast experience in various areas of nursing, including at the bedside and in leadership roles. After undergoing risk management training, Dr. Henderson began to gain popularity as …

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Podcast episode with Catie Harris

APRN Beauty Cosmetics

Our inspiring guest this week is Taccara Durrett, an influencer, entrepreneur, and seasoned nurse with diverse experience working in healthcare. Far from her roots in corrections and psychiatry, Taccara is now working as a Telehealth Nurse and owns her own lip gloss brand for nurses: APRN Beauty Cosmetics.  Turning to social media influencers, designers, and …

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