Care Beyond the Bedside: Four Business Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurs

Why did you become a nurse? 

The answer to this question 9/10 times is the same–to help people. But let me ask you another question…

Do you feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose of helping people? Most often than not, the answer is no. 

From working doubles to only spending a few minutes with each patient, the bedside setting can feel like a trap for nurses with compassionate hearts. Burnout is real, and there are thousands of nurses at the end of their rope. Eventually, something has to give. 

At what point do you finally say that enough is enough, and take back your life? 

Kristen Reed knows a few things about reclaiming her life and career. As the founder of Nursing Your Way to Wellness, Kristen began her business after feeling like she couldn’t give enough time to her patients. Now Kristen provides care “beyond the bedside” through one-on-one health coaching.  

This career change not only enabled Kristen to spend more time with her patients, but gave her the freedom to take back her life and do something that she actually loves–helping people! 

Are you looking to take control of your career and provide your patients with care beyond the bedside? If so, check out these four business ideas for nurse entrepreneurs: 

  • Health Coaching 

Do you have a passion for holistic wellness? You do have a gift for getting through to people? One-on-one health coaching is a great way to offer your patients care that transcends the bedside, addressing health issues before they get out of hand. From past trauma healing to healthy eating, self-care, and everything in between, health coaching is the perfect career for the nurse with excellent people skills and a passion for helping patients live longer and happier lives. 

  • In-Home Care

If you want to take control of your schedule and offer personalized care to a vulnerable population, then in-home care is the right career for you. Meeting patients in the comfort of their homes, in-home care nurses offer patients and their families invaluable support and professional healthcare services when and where they are most needed. 

  • Patient Advocacy 

We strongly believe that everyone should have a patient advocate. Patient advocacy is the ideal career for the healthcare professional with a strong sense of justice and a fighter instinct to advocate for their patient’s best interests. Accompanying patients to their meetings and important medical appointments, patient advocates work one-on-one and act as intermediaries between patients, healthcare providers, and a patient’s loved ones. 

  • Legal Nurse Consulting 

Do you have an eye for detail? Are you good with reports and timelines? If so, Legal Nurse Consulting may be the right career path for you. In addition to providing attorneys with legal consultation and professional healthcare advice on standards of care, LNCs also may act as expert witnesses, conduct medical record evaluations, help with statement preparation, and so much more. 

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