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NursePreneurs has curated top experts to bring you proven programs that will teach you step by step how to start your business.

IV Hydration Mastermind

The IV Hydration Mastermind has been one of our signature programs that has jumpstarted over 100 nurse businesses.  Enrollment is open and we are excited to see what you do!

Instructors: Kimble Bradley, owner IV Hydration Nation

Concierge Nursing

Concierge Nursing is very popular because it is straight forward to put together and all you need is your nursing knowledge.  Join the world’s largest group of concierge nurses to help you put your business together.

Instructors: Kimble Bradley, RN, owner Elite Concierge Nurses and Charlene Dimond, RN, owner Integra Nurse.

Concierge Nurses

Content Writing For Nurses

The best business for nurses who want to work from home and earn 6 figures or more.  Content is in hot demand and healthcare professionals need to write it.  You may even qualify to freelance inside Portia’s agency.

Instructors: Portia Wofford, LPN, owner PW Agency

Nurse Advocate

This is the dream business where you get paid and rewarded for advocating for your patients!  Work with legal professionals, phsyicians, attorneys and financial planners who are desperately seeking nurse advocates for theri clients.

Instructors: Teri Dreher, RN, owner Nurse Advocate Entrepreneur and NShore Patient Advocates

Nurse Advocate

Course Creators

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Instructors: Charlene Dimond, RN, Owner Integra Nurse.

1:1 Coaching With NursePreneurs

12-week 1:1 coaching to accomplish a major goal in your business.  Our Authorized NursePreneurs Coaches can help you overcome obstacles and teach you to move the needle of your business towards your financial goals. 

Instructors: Jill Weberding, RN; Charlene Dimond, RN; Kimble Bradley, RN


We periodically offer masterclasses with experts in certain specialites.  Be sure to join our email list to get notified of when these masterclasses launch.

Chronic Care Management

Turn chronic care management into a lucrative business working with physician offices to benefit from Medicare mandates.

Instructors: Meredith Dawes, RN and Irina Koyfman, DNP, RN

Cannabis Nurse Consulting

Discover cannabis consulting as a business to help patients make proper choices that will benefit them and fit their health profiles.

Instructors: Lisa Hedin, RN, Owner Training Academy for Medical Cannabis

Private Duty Nursing

Start a private duty agency in any niche to provide care to patients. This is a fee for service business and can be very lucrative

Instructors: Pamela Taylor, Owner North Star Med Consulting

Integrative Health

Set up your own integrative health clinic or add to an existing business. Includes instructions for functional medicine.

Instructors: Charlene Dimond, RN Owner Intregra Nurse

Business Levels Guide


All of our courses come with Business Basics set up kit to make sure you are able to properly set up your business.


Our programs are designed to set you up in an entrepreneurials specialty that will thrive as you move through all the stpes.


Every course comes with marketing basics so you can capture your first paying clients as quickly as possible.