Building The Flight Safety Network

Building The Flight Safety Network NursePreneur Podcast

The Flight Safety Network is comprised of everyone who works hard to keep emergency flight crews and patients safe. These include EMTs, RN, Pilots, ED staff, dispatchers, flight communication specialists, chaplains, police, and so many more.

Troy Shaffer founded this network in 2009 when he recognized the need to bring all these people together in place. Since then, he has grown this community to over 200,000 professionals strong.

With no business experience, Troy talks about making every classic business mistake in the book, but one thing he did amazingly well. Troy focused on building a community first and then listened to the needs, wants, and desires of his audience.

As Troy puts it, his audience demanded he provides coaching services and even T-shirts for them to wear! The e-commerce aspect of the business was unexpected but has grown to over 26,000 SKUs (stock keeping unit) and remains to be the dominant source of income of the company.

Troy teaches us in this podcast episode that building a tribe might take a while, but if you provide incredible value for the long game, you will be rewarded.

You can insert almost any micro-expertise in this business model and be successful.

To find out more about how Troy built this community on his downtime at work, to the highly profitable business it is today, listen now.

You can find Troy on his website:

Don’t Miss Moments:

  • Every mistake Troy made in business
  • How Troy built this business in his downtime at work
  • When the idea began a business
  • How to become a part of the Flight Safety Network

The NursePreneur Podcast · Building the Flight Safety Network


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