Breastfeeding With Confidence

Breastfeeding With Confidence NursePreneur Podcast

Brittany Molkenthin is a nurse who was in nursing school when she took a healthcare innovations class. She was asked to create a device to improve the medical field.

Brittany had a love for babies and children, so she decided to focus on the problem of anxiety and apprehension that new moms have around the newborn getting enough milk in the first 2 weeks of life.

Brittany worked with biomedical engineers at her school to create a prototype of what would later become the Manoula device.

Brittany recently patented this breastfeeding device which accurately measures the amount of breast milk an infant receives during feeding.

While there were so many roadblocks to bringing this device to market, Brittany persisted, found a team to work with and bootstrapped the entire process by working as a nurse.

Today her device is set to undergo FDA approval and possibly become a level 2 medical device that would be covered by insurance.

To learn more about Brittany on her journey and the Manoula device, check out her website:

Don’t Miss Moments:

–> How Brittany designed the prototype
–> How long it took Brittany to bring the device to market
–> How Brittany found funding for the device
–> Next steps for the device in the marketplace

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