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Blue Monarch Health

Blue Monarch Health is the business of Nicole Vienneau who is an award-winning, Master’s prepared Registered Nurse, fitness athlete, personal trainer, Yoga teacher, nutritionist, and board-certified nurse coach.  Nicole has two decades of experience in healthcare. Starting as a travel nurse, Nicole learned the ins and outs of the ICU and working in a high-stress environment. 

Experiencing extreme burnout, Nicole stepped away from the bedside and went back to school, and began to explore careers in preventative health, thus starting Blue Monarch Health. Combing her love of nursing with health and wellness, Blue Monarch Health offers patients a holistic approach to health through nutrition, fitness planning, nurse coaching, and the BUILD Your Health system. 

Working with patients and physicians, Nicole exercises her passion to help individuals improve vitality and regain control of their wellness journey. Working on small changes, Nicole improves her patient’s lives by transforming mindsets to think healthy. 

To learn more about Nicole and Blue Monarch Health visit https://bluemonarchhealth.com/ today! Click here to claim your FREE GIFT! (www.bluemonarchhealth.com/freegift

Don’t Miss These Moments:

→ Nicole’s journey to starting Blue Monarch Heath 

→  How she partners with physicians & healthcare providers to find clients 

→ Overcoming barriers of being a new business owner & selling her services

BUILD Your Health system

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