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Brad Ferris, RN worked at the bedside for many years. One of the things that frustrated Brad was the focus on the rhetoric of patient centric care, but working in a provider centric environment.

Brad noticed that the way we speak to our patients is very transactional. Our interactions tend to lack warmth and empathy mostly due to the time constraints we’ve been placed under.

Brad worked extensively in clinical research trials and came across artificial intelligence. He worked with artificial intelligence with the patients and saw some interesting results. He began to explore how artificial intelligence in text messaging could create a patient centric environment.

Brad began writing scripts for the messaging that could interact with patients and help to create the beginning of a relationship. Not only that, by using AI, the messenger could answer an unlimited number of phone calls at the same time, negating the need to have a lot of staff putting patients on hold.

Brad’s overall big idea was to take the transactional conversations we’ve been having with patients and turn it into therapeutic conversations that are inviting and rewarding.

Brad’s innovative idea is being taken to marketplace to launch in clinics across the US to improve the conversations we are having with our patients.

To learn more about Brad’s company, check out his website at

Don’t Miss Moments:

–> How Brad discovered this idea of improving communication for our patients

–> How Brad launched this business and what it took

–> Why Brad thinks the way we talk to patients now has to change and how doing so will improve the bottom line of clinics across the US

–> How AI can be used to change healthcare

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