Are You Terrified Of A Nursing Business?
Are You Terrified Of A Nursing Business?

Are You Terrified Of A Nursing Business?

When you consider getting out of nursing, do ever stop and think about how you can leverage what you already know that would make a huge impact?

Did it ever occur to you that you could actually translate what you already know into a business?

Maybe the word ‘business’ starts you thinking….

“What can nurses do?”

 “Who would buy anything from me?”

 “A business would be too hard to put together”

 “People like me can’t be successful”

“If I start a business my friends and family will think I’m crazy or full of myself or a total fraud”

I get it…

I was an accidental entrepreneur.  I have so many qualities that cause me to self-sabotage when it comes to putting myself out there:

  • I’m a lifelong introvert – so it always feels easier NOT to take steps that would draw attention to myself
  • I’m a procrastinator – which means I would rather surf the web mindlessly and argue on Facebook about inane things I don’t care about then to do “Work” (Ugh, I could do something meaningful today or mindless.. must check Facebook..)
  • I have family members who don’t understand what I do (I’ve heard things like: “But you have a nice job why are you wasting your time and money on this little project, what about more time with your family?”)

For nurses like me, putting yourself out there can be terrifying.

To I know what it’s like to dream of wanting to do something more that impacts more people – more than I could touch in my lifetime career as a nurse.  And wanting to make more money, have less stress, be in control of what I’m doing…

But at the same time, I worry about what other people will say, what if I fail, what if I’m just silly for thinking I can actually make an impact.

Who am I to be successful or dare I say important?

But guess what?  Everyone has those fears to varying degrees.  What is interesting is that while they don’t ever disappear, they do change over time and as your confidence level increases.

When you push yourself to do ‘scary’ things, you begin to stretch yourself.  You put yourself into the “uncomfortable zone”.  But soon if you stick with it, that 1 thing isn’t so uncomfortable anymore.

Maybe you don’t want to tell people that you want to start a business, and then you do… And at first, you are sheepish about it.  You say it almost like a question–I want to start a business?  You look for validation.

But then you get more into it and you say, “oh yeah I started this nursing business”.  You’ve moved the threshold of your “uncomfortable” zone.  And you do that as you build confidence.

It’s okay if you don’t feel special or unique or interesting or important.

As long as you have a desire to make an impact in the world – that is all you need to put yourself out there and be successful.

In fact, if you feel the burn inside of you to do something more:

You owe it to the people you’re meant to help to try.

You only need to reach a small number of people in an in-depth way to have an exponential impact.

Just remember there will never be a ‘good’ day to start.  You will never be ‘ready’ to start a business.  But nothing will prepare you start either….

You just need to make the decision that this is meant for you.

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