Nurses Are Natural Entrepreneurs

I had a dream of becoming a nurse…not just a philosophical vision, but a vivid dream as a 16-year old. I saw myself working as a nurse, and I never questioned that decision to this day.

The Reality Of Nursing Shows Its Face

At first, I was over the moon to make my real-life fantasy of becoming a nurse come true.

Then, like many nurses, I ended up working about 60-80 hours a week, but only getting paid for 40.  Of course I volunteered for more responsibilities so the place “wouldn’t fall apart.” In my mind, I was indispensable.

But after a falling out with my attending, I started to see thing differently. After years of having my ideas shot down (or having superiors take credit for them) the resentment started to boil beneath the surface.

Catie Harris NursePreneur Business Coach Standing And Smiling Faced Towards The Camera
Catie Harris, CEO & Founder NursePreneurs

Little Things Would Set Me Off

It got to where as soon as I set foot in the hospital, my mood turned dark. 

Always tired with a never-ending To Do List started to wear me down. I began to feel apathetic about my job…and then angry at myself for feeling that way.

Then one day I got into a screaming match with my attending. I was yelling so passionately that I actually lost my voice. No words were coming out, but my body was shaking with emotion.

As a person who prides herself on being slow to lose my temper and a compassionate listener, I was mortified to be sent to Anger Management classes.







I Realized That My Choices Were Clear…

Despite trying to fit into the nursing culture of give, give, and give some more, I saw that I had hit the ceiling of how far I could ever go as a nurse in a hospital setting.

In my mind, I had a decision to make…

My choices were to suck it up and accept the restrictions that would bind my career as a nurse, or strike out on my own.

And I wasn’t being fulfilled by the status quo.

I began to see that “traditional nursing” might not be my true calling.

Through my 20+ years as a nurse, I connected with hundreds of other nurses who also had fresh ideas with no place to grow them. They, too, were brushed aside and demoralized.  

They recognized that the medical hierarchy is set up to deter nurses from rising beyond a certain level.

But they were eager for more.

Like me, they had visions of having more control over their own lives, their schedules, and their income.


Introducing A New Kind Of Mentorship, Specifically For Nurses

I took matters into my own hands and launched NursePreneurs, a mentorship program that empowers nurses to monetize their knowledge, develop business skills, and help healthcare delivery evolve.

I believe that nurses are uniquely qualified to be entrepreneurs.

Nurses are detail-oriented so very little gets past them in the business world.

They can juggle many tasks at once without sacrificing quality.

They are natural conversationalists and networkers…both of which are crucial to grow a thriving business.

They simply needed an incubator to nurture and strategize their ideas into fruition. NursePreneurs became that premiere landing spot.

Through NursePreneurs, I strive to undo the perception that nursing care is limited to the hospital setting.  Through intensive mentorship programs, I want to show nurses how their nursing knowledge can transcend the hospital system into a profitable business of their own.

Today I have empowered thousands of nurses through one-on-one coaching, live events, and my signature group programs which can be found at

I am a single mom based in Philadelphia with my son Matthew. I take advantage of my freedom as a NursePreneur to travel the world and still be able to work from anywhere.

Catie Harris Nurse Business Coaching
Catie Harris NursePreneur Business Coaching
Catie Harris NursePreneur Business Coaching



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