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We believe that nurses are the change agents for healthcare.  We believe that given the right mentorship and leadership training nurses will be the ones who change how healthcare is delivered and received.  

Our company, NursePreneurs, is committed to supporting nurses across the globe with their crazy, outrageous and innovative ideas.  Our path to change healthcare is through entrepreneurialism.

Our mission is to support and launch 10,000 nurse businesses by 2025.

Nurses In Our Group

Nurses from across the globe who work and learn with us in our groups.

Podcast Episodes

Highlighting inspiring nurses who share their success in business

Business launches

The number of businesses we've helped nurses to successfully launch

Money Generated

The amount of money we've helped nurses earn in 2020 during the COVID pandemic

How It All Started

NursePreneurs was inspired when Catie was working in Walmart Headquarters.  She was tasked with connecting with nursing organizations.  What she found was hundreds of incredible nurses doing fascinating work around the world.

Inspired By Nurses

Meeting these nurses inspired Catie to start her NursePreneur Podcast which brings top NursePreneurs from around the world in one place, where nurses can hear their stories and be inspired to action.  With the right role models in place, we believe anything is possible.

About Our Team

NursePreneurs has grown from one nurse to more than 14 team members across the globe.  We all have the same mission and vision to help nurses make the impact they are dreaming about.  We feel its our duty to support and launch nurse businesses so that we can amplify the voice of nurses.  The programs and services our NursePreneurs have created are changing the way healthcare is delivered and received.

Catie Harris NursePreneur Business Coaching
Catie Harris, CEO & Founder NursePreneurs

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We have a variety of starting points for any nurse interested in starting a business from support in our free groups, our membership where you can access a variety of courses to coaching in small groups and 1:1…

If you’ve read this far, then you are clearly interested in starting a business

The key is to becoming successful is just to get started at something.

I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship.