6 Nurse Entrepreneur Ideas Worth a Shot

6 Nurse Entrepreneur Ideas Worth a Shot

The nursing profession has skyrocketed and along with it is the growing demand for healthcare services. Because of this, it is more than possible for nurses to have additional income streams with these nurse entrepreneur ideas that will surely boost your bottom line, especially if you’re planning to retire earlier and wealthier! 

Nurse Entrepreneur Ideas

#1 In-Home Senior Care Service

Senior care is defined as helping the elderly in their home with daily living activities. Since more senior adults are living longer and choose to “age in place,” assistance is needed in giving them proper medical care. Things they do on a daily basis like bathing, dressing, preparing meals, and doing household chores are among the things that such an in-home senior care service can help with. 

Other health-related services to offer are medical claims assistance, nursing care, assistance with doctor care, physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy, medical social services, nutritional support, pharmaceutical services, home-delivered meals, transportation, and most of all, companionship. 

#2 Concierge Nurse Service

Concierge Nursing Services is a type of healthcare service where nurses can provide patients with personalized care without them having to visit a doctor or the hospital. Included in the concierge nursing services are post-op-travel services, consultations, wellness support, patient advocacy, and respite care.

Post-op-travel services are for those who have gone through a medical procedure and need to travel. Concierge nursing services provide support to make that trip safe. Tasks like managing the medical kit, making sure to meet pre-planned points, and ensuring that patients disembark and reach their destination safely are included. Consultations, on the other hand, are focused on any health issue patients may be having that needs further medical care. 

In providing wellness support, concierge nurses will come to the patient’s home to provide care. They can educate clients on how to properly use medical equipment. Patient advocacy has something to do with concierge nurses acting as “middle persons” between the patient and clinicians at hospitals. Finally, for respite care, nurses will be caregivers, giving patients time to recover from surgery. Such services are mostly for those who are bed-bound and wheelchair-bound, so nurses help patients with a range of motion exercises and other issues. 

#3 Medical Apps

Medical apps for patients are popular now because of the individualized control it offers over health-related data among its users. Patients can easily access helpful information from medical professionals and from a medical knowledge databank directly from a device. This is why creating medical apps is one good nursing entrepreneurial venture. 

Among the various patient apps, one can create are patient engagement apps, telemedicine apps, medication apps, healthy-living apps, emergency apps, and personal health record apps. To begin a medical app business, nurses can cover the creative process and all the thought processes involved. After that, when it is time to create the app, nurses can choose software outsourcing. 

#4 Freelance Health Writer (Healthcare Writing)

With the experiences nurses have had in their professional careers, they have a lot of insights and professional expertise to share. Nurses who enjoy sharing such insights and expertise through writing can become a perfect side hustle as a nurse entrepreneur. Many companies now employ nurse writers for their invaluable skills, knowledge, and most of all, experience. 

Among the types of written content needed include ongoing website content, company blogs, nursing and educational curriculum, online journal articles, email marketing campaigns, patient-focused brochures, and online magazine content for health- and wellness-related thursts. The best thing about freelance writing is the flexibility of work hours, being able to determine pay rates, choosing clients, and working from basically anywhere. 

#5 Telehealth Nursing

Telehealth nursing has evolved in its role as a provider of healthcare services through online communication tools and video conferencing. Telehealth nurses use technologies to evaluate patients remotely this way. They also help patients manage their injury, illness, and their health. 

According to the American Medical Association, the growth of telehealth along with other remote nursing jobs accelerated to 53% since 2017. This growth simply means that efficient health care systems and opportunities for remote professions related to those systems will always be available. 

To start an entrepreneurial venture in telehealth nursing, nurses should have 3 to 5 years of RN experience. 

#6 Immunization Nurse 

With the onset of COVID-19, more nursing job opportunities opened and one of them is the need for immunization nurses. This situation made the profession more relevant. Nurses can administer flu shots to earn additional income. Since immunization nurses can work in a variety of locations including curbside clinics, drive-through clinics, mobile outreach units, and home visits, this can be a good option as an additional income stream. 

To be an immunization nurse, one must have an RN or LVN/LPN license in nursing, a CPR certification, and at least one year of healthcare experience in administering vaccinations. Another edge would be to have excellent customer service, as well as tech, written, and verbal communication skills. 

With all these options, being a nurse entrepreneur is now more feasible. As front-line workers, nurses know where problems in healthcare lie and also know the best ways to fix those concerns. When nurses embrace their entrepreneurial instincts, innovation is promoted and healthcare services and processes are improved.

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