5 Signs That You Have What It Takes To Be Your Own Boss

In life there are two types of people; there are leaders and there are followers. What type of person are you? 

In a recent conversation with Amie Neumaier, founder of ANEU Med Spa I was inspired by her ability to confidently go out on her own and start a business. Fighting the odds, Amie had to sign a non-compete agreement with her previous employer. That agreement alone would be enough to discourage many new entrepreneurs–but not Amie! 

Amie put it into perspective for me by stating, very matter of fact, “there are people who are comfortable working for someone else…and there are people who want to be their own boss”. Amie always knew that she was destined to start her own business. I believe that her confidence, along with some good marketing practices, accounts for her business’ success. 

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the same level of confidence as Amie. 

If you’ve been curious about starting your own business, but not sure if you have what it takes, you’re not alone. Many new business owners struggle with doubts. Doubts are normal, however, there’s a difference between having doubts and having what it takes to be a business owner

If you’re wondering where you fall on the spectrum, here are some surefire signs that you have what it takes to be a business owner: 

  1. You’re self-motivated by nature. 

If you’re a naturally self-motivated and passionate person, then you already have what it takes to be a business owner. Even if business ideas fail, self-motivated people have the ability to bounce back and bring their passion and motivation to other business ventures. 

  1. You want more freedom & control at your current job. 

When you work for a large corporation or another business owner, you have to do things their way. If you find yourself constantly bothered by following orders and thinking of a different way to carry out everyday tasks, then you may want to consider starting your own business/practice. Powerful people reign in the business world! 

  1. You don’t mind working long hours. 

I wish I could tell you that being your own boss means working less from the get-go. As a new business owner, you’ll find yourself working a lot in those first couple of years, but the sacrifice is always worth it in the end! The trick is doing what you love. 

  1. You’re a curious person who likes to learn. 

If you like learning then you’ll love being your own boss! A new boss has to wear many hats, especially during those first few years. An affinity for learning is never a bad trait when starting a new business. 

  1. You’ve got thick skin!

As a business owner, you need to have thick skin. This isn’t just for those first few years and months, you always need thick skin. You’ll have to make hard choices. You’ll have to let people go. You need to be a rock! 

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